Finding The Best Resource For When You Need To Heal At Home

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Sometimes life takes you in a different direction than you were expecting. When the unexpected occurs in terms of medical care, it is helpful to know that options such as renting a hospital bed for home care are available before you even need them-or right when you do.

Perhaps the mere thought of renting a hospital bed throws off your sensibilities at this stage in life. Consider, however, that life does move at a rapid pace. There are those around you that may need the aforementioned bed at some time in their lives. Being able to receive proper medical care in the comfort of one’s home can provide immense relief and assistance to caregivers. 

A hospital bed is useful for caregivers to assist with moving patients in and out of bed easier. They tend to be smaller than regular beds, fit into tighter spaces, and can be moved if a different view is desired. The railings give peace of mind that the patient is safe from dangerous falls and provide handhold assistance when moving in bed.

For some, medical facilities seem cold and impersonal. The facility may be too far away to visit as often as you’d like. For others, an unfortunate accident or illness does not require continued hospitalization; however, it prohibits them from sleeping in a regular bed, the couch, or even a comfortable chair. A hospital bed with adjustable options allows you to convalesce at home, be at peace in a peaceful environment, and might make it easier for loved ones to spend time with each other. 

Rushing to and from a hospital to spend quality moments with a loved one actually limits the amount of time you’ll be able to be together. Working through a health issue at home means there is access to better food for the patient, friends, and family. No one will be thinking about a commute, timetables, when to pick up family members or arranging for childcare. Additionally, the world is still living in a COVID era that restricts visitors in many medical situations, regardless of whether or not the coronavirus is the diagnosis at hand.

Whether you’re in the middle of a healthcare crisis, recovering from one or someone you love is in such a situation, gently remind yourself to relax. Healthcare needs and related paperwork often lead to an increase in stress. It’s essential to your continued health or recovery to find ways to manage that spike in cortisol levels. 

Meditation is often introduced as a form of stress relief as it can be practiced at a variety of different health and physical fitness levels. Here’s a helpful video on meditation for beginners.

With home healthcare options on the rise, know your options and seek out information from your insurance provider so that you don’t have to shoulder any bills unnecessarily. Some insurers require pre-approval before healthcare equipment can be requested for home use and others simply need a doctor’s prescription for such necessities. A quick perusal of your company’s website or a phone call will answer all of your questions and guide you when uncertainty arises.

Remember that health and healthcare options are important. You have the opportunity to choose the best way to care for yourself and others whether that’s via choice in provider or receiving care at home. Make the best decisions for your present and future health, as well as for those you love. As a bonus, your pet will be right there with you through it all.

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Written by Adam Mitchell

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