Dating is a bit of a sore subject for some people. Some of you will have had all of the success in the world when it comes to dating. You may have been with your childhood sweetheart for a while now, and those feelings of love are only going stronger. Or, you’ve had an absolutely terrible experience with dating, and you’re more than scarred for life.

But as millennials, we keep on getting back on that dating train, sure in the knowledge that there is someone out there for all of us. Some of us really cling to the notion that love will find us, we literally live for that fairytale moment. No matter which side of the spectrum you fall on, whether you have a good track record or not, one thing is for sure, we all want to find someone. So, we’re going to talk you through the Millennial way of dating, and show you how you can stay on the winning side. 

Finally Going For The Right Guy 

There is someone who is right out there for everyone. It’s impossible to live in the world that we do today, with the billions of people around the world, and assume that there isn’t going to be anyone out there for us. Half of the time, we’re just looking in the wrong place to begin with. We go for the wrong people, because we’re attracted to the challenge. Pretty much all women are guilty of wanting to go for the bad boy. The one who isn’t quite on the right track in life, and who might not treat us the best. Why are we attracted to this?! The bad boy never usually works out.

Sometimes, some women can tame a man who isn’t on the right track, and grow with them. But half of the time we go through a super rocky relationship with them, mixed in with a hell of a lot of fun, and suddenly we’re hooked on finding something similar again. But we’ll swear to everyone else that we’re desperate to find someone who is the complete opposite. It’s the millennial logic. So now, think about who your ideal man would be. Do you want something that’s rocky and hard to control, or do you truly want to settle down with someone? If you want to settle down, a rocky rough around the edges guy might be the type you should avoid. 

Avoiding Dating Scandals 

Dating in the modern age that we’re living in has never been more technology based. Gone are the days of meeting guys on a night out, collecting as many phone numbers as possible, and going home with a smile on your face, or even a man in your arm. Now, there is a dating app for people with all types of preferences.

But top dating apps are now putting a strain on relationships where one half might not be as loyal. Tons of men and women are being found on dating apps such as Tinder, when they have a partner at home. It’s simply because they’re a playground for people looking for casual sex, so cheating has never been easier. Finding anyone on Tinder is hard because there’s no way of searching for names. So you have to go through websites to try and spy on people on Tinder, or you have to be lucky enough to catch your partner out. This is one of the most common dating scandals recently. Another is being catfished, which has never been more common than when all of these dating apps showed up. So always try and get as much photographic evidence of what the person looks like through Snapchat and things like that. 

Long Term Relationship Troubles

Long term relationship problems are always going to crop up. Whether we talk about millennial dating or not, these are age old problems that we’ve suffered with long before the new age of dating problems began. One of the biggest long term problems, is keeping the relationship happy and healthy. The word stale comes up a lot, or a loss of the spark.

You get so settled in your relationship and each other’s company, that you stop having fun, and you stop having things to talk about. So simply go out there and have some fun. If you can get back to actually dating and enjoying each other’s company, it might just put the spark back into the relationship. We would say however, make sure you’re not trying to force anything. It’s important to recognize when a relationship is done and dusted.