Careers To Consider When You Want To Be Your Own Boss

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Choosing a career can be tough. When you’re young, you can’t always be sure that you know exactly what you’re going to want to do for the rest of your life. Of course, you do get some people that know they want to be a dancer from the age of five, or a rocket scientist at only ten years old; but not everyone knows their true calling. Sometimes, all you know is that you want to be your own boss. While that in itself can be a great starting point, there are still so many avenues to consider, that it can be tough to know which are best for your desire to be an entrepreneur. So we’re going to break it down.

There are some career choices that are going to be better for you than others when you want to go it alone. Because some pathways are only ever going to mean that you can stick to a set job it if it’s what you’re passionate about, like a nurse or cop. But, there are other career choices that are great to embark on to get experience in the field as an employee, but then go on to start your own business in the exact same role. If that sounds like the path you want to take, one of these ten careers would be great for you.

Careers Where You Can Be Your Own Boss


The world is very much online these days. Lots of digital businesses are popping up everyday – and most of them need support. As a software developer, you could really harness that. By training to learn code and come up with great solutions to business problems, you could create a business for yourself that focuses on providing an incredible software as a service to other businesses. But to do that one day, you need to gain the experience you need as a developer. If you are up to get a web developer job, you have to know how successfully pass an interview, here you can check the top interview questions for web developer.


If you’ve got a thing for words, why not consider starting out as a writer? While a writing career can generally take on many forms, it’s often one that it perfect for going it alone. Not only is freelance writing an option, including everything from a freelance journalist to a blogger or copywriter, but you could start your own writing business or even become a novelist. If you’re good at what you do and your driven, the business world is your oyster when it comes to writing.

Millennial Magazine- be your own boss


Similarly, there’s also the career path of a marketer to consider. This is a job role that many people are keen to go into after college. Marketing is something that all businesses will always need, because it’s generally what generates their income. So, it’s a sustainable industry to move into – and it’s always growing. So, after finding your feet and ensuring that the industry is right for you, the next step often is to go it alone and launch your own agency.


Or maybe you’ve always liked the idea of working in finance? As a budding entrepreneur, there’s no reason why you couldn’t. Because yes, a lot of people choose to work for big corporate businesses and work their way up, but that’s not the only option. In fact, it can often be an incredible career move for you to start out on your own early on. Not only could you choose to offer financial advice, but you may even want to lay the foundations for starting your own hedge fund management firm.


Next up, it’s real estate. Because this is a market that is booming right now, and there’s always room for hungry young people to enter – especially with a USP. Because when you have a brokerage with a difference, like RMA Brokers, you’re going to stand out. If you can offer something in a specialist sector, or with a difference to anyone else, you’re going to do well.


Then, you could also look to be a consultant. After a few years in the field, you could then choose to go it alone with whatever expertise you have. Maybe you’re a business consultant that can turn failing businesses around? Or maybe you can advise on social media? Regardless of what it is, the consultancy industry is always great for budding business people.

Millennial Magazine- be your own boss


The construction industry is one that you can learn a lot from. You can also build up the skills, experience, and contacts that you need to launch your own firm while working for others. Plus, starting a small construction or general contracting business comes with a lot of potential if you’re looking to grow. Because you could always go on to become a major playing in the development industry from here.


If you love the idea of working in the creative industries, but you still want to be your own boss, why not go into design? After a few years of working for a firm, there’s no reason why you couldn’t succeed as a freelance interior designer if you have the ambition. You may even want to set up your own firm straight off the bat.


It’s easy to believe that if you go into education, you have to stay working for a school board or private institution forever, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Because you could look to become a tutor. Then, you may work on a freelance basis to start with, but you could even set up your own tutoring school with tutors that work for you – you could even train new people to become tutors too.


Finally, there’s also the field of accountancy to consider too if you want to be your own boss. Slightly different to that of a financier, but not all that dissimilar, but getting yourself trained and qualified as an accountant, you have a lot of options. Because yes, you could also choose to work your way up the corporate ladder, but you could also go freelance or set up your own accountancy firm and create your own big business in the industry as well.

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