Attending a wedding can be fun, but it comes with the added responsibility of styling your outfit to be flattering in pictures and totally wedding-appropriate. A slip dress can be a good choice for a wedding, though these dresses may sometimes be seen as too seductive, requiring some additional styling to make them wedding ready. Our article will give you tips on how to style a slip dress for a wedding while ensuring you match the dress code.

What is a slip dress?

A slip dress is a versatile dress made of a thinner fabric that resembles a slip, a traditional undergarment for women. Slips were typically worn under clothing to prevent the bunching of materials, and slip dresses were based on the silhouette they would create. You can expect a slip dress to lay loosely along your figure and highlight your natural features.

Slip dresses are typically made of materials like satin that provide a semi-formal look and bring a hint of elegance. You can get slip dresses in many styles, though long slip dresses with spaghetti straps and a slit up the leg are very popular.

Style A Slip Dress For A Wedding

Styling a slip dress for a wedding can be difficult, and it’s important to keep in mind the dress code and how formal your look needs to be. It’s rarely in good taste to wear a sheer, ultra-sexy slip dress or one that shows lots of skin, though you can dress up a slightly sexier slip dress with the right accessories.

Look through our tips below for choosing the correct slip dress and styling it well for your next wedding.

Avoid White

One of the biggest cardinal rules of any wedding is avoiding the color white and any color remotely adjacent to white. This is done out of respect for the bride and tradition, and you should adhere to this rule for any wedding outfit you choose unless otherwise explicitly instructed by the bride.

When you style a slip dress, you can choose a color that flatters your skin and hair tones. Make sure not to select a color that will stand out or draw too much attention, as this can be seen as disrespectful. We recommend pastel colors for spring or summer weddings or darker, richer colors like purples and navy blues for fall and winter weddings. Of course, always check the requested colors on the wedding invitation for specific guidance.

Choose an Appropriate Style

Slip dresses range in styles from ultra-sexy dresses with plunging necklines and long slits to more formal-appropriate slip dresses that cover more skin. You should choose an appropriate style for the wedding you are attending, ensuring that you aren’t showing too much skin and that your slip dress meets any formality requirements.

If you have questions about how formal your slip dress style needs to be, check with the bride directly or consult your wedding invitation for further details. It is always better to ask permission to style a slip dress than to attend the wedding inappropriately dressed and insult the bride.


According to the wedding fashion experts at Sherri Hill, accessories are the key to styling your slip dress appropriately for a wedding. A shawl, wrap, or jacket can add class to a slip dress and make it more formal. Sandal heels or strappy high heels can make your slip dress more beachy or more formal, respectively. You can also use jewelry to complement your dress and ensure you match the wedding dress code.

Use a small clutch or a small purse to accompany your slip dress and consider a formal up-do or a semi-formal hairstyle to complete your look.

Where Do I Buy a Slip Dress for a Wedding?

Finding the perfect slip dress to wear to a wedding can be difficult, especially if you have never purchased one before. We recommend you start your search at local boutique stores that specialize in gowns of all styles. You could also style a slip dress from an online retailer or visit stores around your local mall. A thrift store might even be a good option if you are shopping for a slip dress on a budget.

Can I Wear a Slip Dress to a Wedding?

Wearing a slip dress to a wedding might be somewhat controversial, as some individuals see slip dresses as too sexy to be worn to a more formal event. However, wearing your favorite slip dress to a wedding is totally possible as long as you style this outfit correctly – jackets, shawls, tasteful jewelry, and refined high heels all serve to complete your look and ensure that your slip dress is the perfect outfit for your next wedding.