College is an extremely hard period in anyone’s life. You have to juggle a multitude of things, from due dates for essays that require a lot of work and concentration, to revision for exams that look a lot harder than the ones you did in high school, to making sure that you are living, eating and sleeping properly so as not to have a mental breakdown! Some people take to it a lot better than others, some people even find someone that they fall in love with at college! You probably know of, or are in a relationship yourself, that started at College.

You can imagine that this style of relationship is often problematic considering you’re both trying to get good grades in the hopes that you’ll graduate. Well, we’re going to have a look at the issue for you. We’re going to shed some light on whether getting into a relationship whilst in College is a good thing, or a bad thing that affects your grades and your performance.

Pro – you’re very close to each other

If you go to the same college and you are partners, chances are you probably live very close to each other. If not on the same campus, then in the same town or city definitely. This is an advantage because it means you get to see each other a lot and are able to hang out with each other all the time. There are some relationships that try and survive whilst the two members are miles and miles away from each other. But this isn’t a worry for those that get together in college. You won’t have to worry about missing each other at all. You can help each other to study, so each other interesting resources online that you can use to further your education, and also show each other where you can buy term papers online if one of you is falling behind with their work.

Con – same friend group

A lot of the time, if you get together with someone at College, chances are you’re going to have a similar, if not the same friend group. Though this sounds like a lot of fun it can often actually be a burden. Say you and your partner fall out, the friends feel obliged to try and help out but obviously they don’t want to favor one friend over the other because they don’t feel the need to. But if the argument gets even bigger and bigger, then they might have to take sides. This is an awkward situation, that not only costs you a lot of studying time, but also threatens to break a whole friend group apart.

Relationships during college are a hard thing to keep up, but a lot of the time they result in a lot of good support for both people involved, and can blossom into fully-fledged relationships after the two of you have left College.