Need an Energy Boost? These are the Super Juices You Should Be Drinking

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If there’s one complaint that almost all young professionals have in common, it’s a shortage of energy. With our fast-paced, endlessly busy lifestyles, it’s little wonder our tanks all too often seem to be running on empty, but that doesn’t mean we should simply keep slogging away until we burn ourselves out.

Instead, we need to be looking for simple steps we can take to help support our systems and give us a much-needed boost. Diet and lifestyle changes are often the most effective means of achieving such an end, but it’s knowing where to start with them.

The answer might just lie in what we’re drinking. Whether it’s an early morning visit to your local juicery or seeing what you can whip up at home by yourself, here are a few deliciously tasty super juices to try…

Pineapple perfection

One great ingredient for giving you a much needed energy boost is pineapple. Filled to the brim with anti-inflammatory bromelain, it will help you avoid that much-feared mid-afternoon slump when you’re in the office and need to remain efficient. Luckily, it’s really simple to whip up something tasty as long as you have a juicer handy. All you need to do is input half a pineapple along with a grapefruit, lemon, and an inch of fresh ginger. Your taste buds will soon be tingling, we promise.

Kick-ass kale

On its website, Deliveroo recommends another energy-enhancing ingredient: kale. Personally, we like this best when it’s served up alongside coconut, to make one truly delicious drink. A combination that will provide you with plenty of extra nutrition to last you through the morning, you can make it by mixing six to eight leaves with four ounces of coconut water, two apples, and an inch of fresh ginger. You can thank us once you’ve tried it.

V8 vivacity

V8 is a tried and tested health drink that’s available in most supermarkets and stores, but there’s a much more economical way to enjoy its benefits, and that’s by making it yourself. To get all of its goodness without paying through the nose, the following ingredients need to find their way into your blender: a red bell pepper, two large carrots, three ribs of celery, half a cucumber, two handfuls of parsley, a handful of spinach, two medium tomatoes, and a pinch of cayenne pepper. It really is that easy.

Berry boost

Most berries are really great for boosting your energy, so this last juice drink combines a few of them to make a colorful cocktail that’s not only terrifically tasty, but provides you with lots of high quality nutrients and anti-oxidants too. To whip it up, you’ll need only a short list of ingredients: two cups of strawberries, four medium tomatoes, four carrots, and one orange. You might want to supplement this with some raspberries, blueberries, or blackberries for that extra dash of lip-licking flavor, but that’s entirely up to you.

Which of these liquid delights will you whip up first?

What do you think?

Written by Millennial Staff

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