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Did you know that your kitchen sponge could be harboring more bacteria than your toilet seat? That’s right — and cleaning the sponge won’t get rid of the most harmful germs.

If you want effective cleaning without the risks, it’s time to put down the sponge and reach for a Polly Cloth. This cleverly-designed microfiber cloth has many advantages over traditional sponges, from more effective cleaning to less environmental impact — and it cleans everything from kitchen counters to mobile phones.

Keep reading for more detail on the benefits of the Polly cloth versus traditional sponges.

Removes 99.9% of Germs Without Chemicals

The Polly cloth is made up of over 40 million loops of PowerFibers™, tiny wedges which work to remove microbes from any surface. When you add a splash of water to the cloth, the fibers generate suction at a microscopic level, allowing them to remove 99.9% of germs without a single chemical in sight. You’d never get this kind of result using a sponge, even with strong chemical disinfectant.

If you do want to use chemicals, you can — the Polly cloth is durable enough to be used with any household cleaner. It’s 100% chlorine-stable, which means you can safely use it with bleach, and it won’t degrade as quickly as a sponge will.

Electrostatic Charge for More Effective Dusting

Ever tried dusting with a sponge? You might have picked up some dust, but plenty of particles will have been left behind. The PowerFibers™ that make up the Polly cloth carry a negative electrostatic charge, which means they naturally attract positively charged dust and debris. This means dusting that’s many times more effective than usual, without the need for water.

Environmentally-Friendly and Reusable

The amount of bacteria harbored by the average sponge means that you’re forced to replace it regularly, creating needless waste. The Polly cloth is 100% machine washable and reusable, and can be laundered up to 400 times. That means no more wasting money on replacement sponges, and no more contributing to landfills.

The fact that the Polly cloth works so well without the need for chemicals means you won’t need to use as many harsh cleaning products, which helps reduce problems like pollution and chemical run-off.

Are you still cleaning using a dirty old sponge?

Switch to a Polly cloth for more effective cleaning with or without chemicals, better dusting power, and less environmental damage. Since the Polly cloth is reusable, you’ll also save money — it’s a win-win.

To pick up your own chemical-free cloth, visit

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