Many people have the intention to have a positive impact on the world, but few people know how to go about it. Do you go abroad and help people directly? Can you help people, without going abroad? And what kind of things can you do to help people in your own country, or local area?

There are some great things you can do to help others, and you can make as big, or as small, an impact as you want. However depending upon how much time and resources you have to spend, there is always something you can do to have a positive impact on the people around you, and those on the other side of the world.

Here is a great article on ways to help others, and how to avoid “moral imperialism”.

The Environment

Around the house there are things you can do to assure you save energy and not waste anything unnecessarily. Water wise, not taking baths all the time and limiting your shower time can help to not waste water, especially if you live in a drought prone area.

Recycle, if you don’t already, or take the extra time to recycle old furniture, or items around the house that you would usually throw away. Things like installing insulation or solar panels will not only make your house more energy efficient, but it will save you money too.

If you want to have more of an impact, consider joining an environmental organization or local group that does things to have positive effects on the environment. The most popular is GreenPeace, but there are plenty other organizations that you can join as well.

They can range from planting trees, cleaning up run down urban areas, making more green spaces in cities, to encouraging wildlife. If you live near a national park, there will no doubt be tons of volunteer opportunities, and they will be so happy to have extra hands to help out. Watching out for wildfires during the summer, and living in a cabin in the forest, could appeal to many people.

Social Impact

The place where you live is made up of intricate social groups, and there are ways in which you can help to benefit your community socially, that will have trickle down effects. That can include anything from going to underprivileged schools to volunteer to teach children to read or do maths to being a part of AA meetings or support groups.

If you have experienced any social difficulties in life, chances are you have a wealth of knowledge and experience that you can share with others. Even if it’s just telling your story, or listening to others, you can have a positive impact. There are organizations and groups that help all age groups and communities, so aim to make the place where you live better for everyone.

Helping others to move to your area, giving them the advantages that you were given and a chance to share in what your community has to offer, is also an option. If you want to get to know, or help someone on a more personal level, you can get involved in immigrant sponsorship. Find out more here. This can help someone you know start a new life, and join the community where you live.


You might, or might not, want to hear this, but eating meat isn’t really doing anyone any good. The amount of food and water it takes to rear an animal before it’s slaughtered, is astronomical, compared to what it takes to grow plant based food. The animal also has to be transported, so there’s a carbon footprint. Not to mention the waste that the animal produces, that is poisonous to the underprivileged communities that live near their pastures. The cramped conditions, treatment, and slaughter of the animal, is also very morally questionable. There are not really enough regulations to make this practice safe or healthy, and many people end up being exploited as a result.

Switching to veganism, or vegetarianism, is so much better for the animals, the environment, and for you body, too. You can have a perfectly healthy lifestyle, and get all your vitamins by eating plant based food. Vegans have no cholesterol, diabetes, and are almost always healthier than their meat eating counterparts.

We Can All Make A Positive Impact

There are many ways to benefit the world, from your food choices to the way you run your house. Think about what you can do to help others and in turn yourself.