Christmas is just around the corner, and it’s one of the most popular months to pop the question. The festive season is filled with romantic activities for couples – from kissing under the mistletoe to watching the Christmas lights. You can spend some quality time with your partner before getting down on one knee. Celebrate your new engagement with your entire family and grab a few ring pictures with the tree.

Engagement ring specialist, F Hinds, carried out a survey among the UK on the perfect proposal. They found that almost a third of Brits want to get engaged on a picturesque getaway. They want an Instagram photo with beautiful scenery and a romantic atmosphere.

However, one in five said they would prefer to get engaged at home and aren’t too bothered about the scenic location. It seems Instagram has divided the UK once again.

A whopping 74% of Brits said they would be put off if their partner proposed in public. Privacy is absolutely essential for the perfect proposal.

If you want some inspiration on how best to set up a winter proposal, here are some fantastic ideas.

Choose your favorite winter walk.

You could head out on your favorite walking route and stop off at a viewpoint along the way. Wait for a crisp sunny winter’s day and go out at golden hour when the sun is just setting. It is the most magical time of day. You can pop the question while looking at the breath-taking scenery.

Jet off on a city break.

Book a trip to your favorite city or a place you have never visited before. You can wander around the city and see a few popular attractions. Stay in a romantic hotel with a luxurious bed and a dreamy view of the city. You could pop the question while sightseeing or enjoying a five-course dinner. Just make sure it’s quiet and somewhat private.

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Visit a seasonal light show.

There are light shows across the UK at this time of year. You could go to Leeds for Light Night in October and propose under the magical display. Or head to Lightopia in Manchester at Christmas for an extra special evening.

Propose on Christmas Day.

Hide the ring in a box under the tree, labelled with your partner’s name. While your family is opening presents on Christmas morning, your partner will find their tiny present.  As they open the ring, get down on one knee and propose!

Consider whether your partner would want their entire family to watch the proposal. You could go for a more private proposal instead and give them the ring as soon as they wake up in the morning.

Surprise your partner with their dream proposal this Christmas.