The world of intuitives, psychics, and sensitives is massive and growing all the time. There are endless options available both for people who feel in tune and connected and want to share the information they’re “downloading” and for those who want to hear what intuitive people have to say about the world and their situation.

If you’re new to these ideas, it can be overwhelming, to say the least. The following will explore the basic information someone might need to know if they’re looking into having psychic readings done. Special emphasis will be placed on readings that take place online as, given the current pandemic situation, many people will have an easier time meeting up with someone who is connected using the internet instead of in-person interactions.

Everyone Is Intuitive

Ask any psychic, and they will tell you that you are an intuitive being that is far more connected with the past, present, and future than you might realize. Because of this, it is absolutely critical that you use your gut feeling when making any choices regarding psychics. If someone doesn’t vibe well with you, that’s fine; look for someone else.

If you get a good feeling about a certain method of reading, pursue that. If you want to understand just how many options there are available, consider to get a psychic reading from They have a list of many sites known for online or phone readings and the different options, benefits, and drawbacks associated with each. This will give you a broad overview of what’s available.

The Future Is Not 100% Set

When psychics are speaking to you about the future, they’re speaking about the most likely possibility. The closer you are to an event, the fewer possibilities will be remaining. Let’s say you want to talk about next Tuesday; much of what is going to happen is already set as you’re so close to that date that many of the choices which influence it have already been made. If you’re talking about ten years in the future, there are many more possibilities. A psychic can tell you which are more likely to happen given what is set at this moment, but large shifts can occur.

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The Questions You Ask Are Everything

Most people ask psychics the wrong questions. Most psychics won’t tell you your question is not ideal because they are running a business and so aren’t going to be turning away a paying client. One of the best questions you can ask is: what do I need to know right now? If you’re focusing on, let’s say, what your ex is thinking about you, you might be missing a critical piece of the bigger picture. Yes, it’s fun to know what your ex thinks (well, sometimes), but it might not be useful information that can help you craft the life you came to this earth to craft.

Channelling Comes With Risks

One common means of sharing spiritual information in the psychic community involves channelling spirits, interdimensional entities, deceased people or other beings. Many readers will tell you that it is actually another entity that is causing tarot cards to fall out or tea leaves to settle as they are. Whenever you’re asking someone to channel for you, you need to understand that you’re asking someone to do something that is very energetically draining. It is also far more complicated than you might expect.

Foremost, most beings that interact with channelers do not speak using language as humans do. They share understandings. This makes the experience of channelling extremely profound as knowledge is simply given with a complete context surrounding it. A potential problem arises when the channeler attempts to translate the messages into words so you can understand them. Not all ideas are well-explained using human language.

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Sometimes the translation is actually quite a poor representation of the complete idea. It’s a good idea to express support for your channeler and an awareness of this so that they feel they can rehash an idea over and over again until you understand it. It might be good to rephrase what you’ve heard every so often, like: so what I’m understanding is this. This will give the channeler time to fill in details, so your message is more complete.

It’s also worth noting that entities in other dimensions are beings just like you are. They have intentions, and this means that they might have their own motivations for sending messages. Yes, many of them tend to be higher up the spiritual awareness scale, but that doesn’t mean they’re all perfect. It’s completely okay to ask your channeler to ask the entity they’re interacting with why he, she, or it is sharing this information and what they hope to gain. It’s a good idea to ask their name and intention early on. If they share this information with no issues, that’s a good sign. If they’re frustrated by this or don’t want to share, this is a bad sign.

Scams Do Exist

The psychic industry is worth over two billion dollars. This makes it quite a tempting industry for scammers to get involved in. It’s a good idea to read online reviews carefully to get an idea of other people’s experiences with a certain psychic and to be wary about sharing personal information that can be used to steal your identity or otherwise mistreat you. Again, always listen to your gut instinct.

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If a psychic leaves you feeling like you have to speak to them regularly to function or if they are manipulating you to act as you otherwise would not want to act, you need to cut off contact. If you notice any signs of narcissism, it’s a good idea to back off and seek out an alternative reader. Particularly when you’re speaking about deeply personal things, it is easy to be lulled into a false sense of intimacy where you’re easy to direct.

The above information should help give you a solid introduction to the world of psychics. It is important that you take your steps into this new and fascinating world slowly as, contrary to popular belief, a lot of spiritual development involves growing pains. You might be asked to face aspects of your childhood or personality that are uncomfortable to face. You might learn things you wish you hadn’t known and now can’t forget.

You might expand beyond your current situation and struggle to maintain your current friendships or relationships (everyone swears this won’t happen to them when they begin exploring what’s going on beneath the overlay we perceive as reality, but almost everyone doesn’t manage it). You also need to be prepared for the inevitable homework you will be given. When you’re interacting with a spiritual force, often you will be asked to improve yourself and your actions in order to stay in alignment with the new knowledge you have. This isn’t always easy.