Sleep is incredibly precious, yet there are so many aspects of modern life that can disrupt your nightly rest and leave you feeling lethargic in the morning.

If this chimes with you, there are a few ways to improve the quality of your sleep without having to make sacrifices, so here are just a handful of options to consider trying.

Invest in tinted glasses

Growing evidence suggests that sensitivity to certain wavelengths of light can be a burden when it comes to enjoying a good night’s sleep.

For example, blue light emitted by the screens of smartphones and other devices will mess with your body’s natural rhythms and make it harder to nod off.

Likewise if you frequently get migraines, certain types of light could be one of the triggers for this affliction.

Thankfully you can invest in blue light glasses and migraine glasses that are tinted to filter out light that gives you grief, while still allowing you to stick to your same routine. And because these special lenses can be fitted to whichever frame you prefer, you can be super-fashionable while still combating your sensitivity to light.

Grab a designer sleep mask

Even if you master your relationship with light in the daytime, it can still be a bother when you are trying to drift off if it slips between the curtains or blinds at dawn, when you would rather stay snuggled up.

A sleep mask has long been the solution to this problem, but there is definitely something decidedly unglamorous about the more traditionally designed examples of this type of product.

The good news is that high end brands including Prada have recently begun to offer their own sleep masks, which are not only impeccably stylish but also far more comfortable than their cheaper alternatives. Great for use at home or while traveling light, a designer sleep mask will improve your slumber instantly.

Upgrade your mattress

Skimping on a mattress is a bad idea, and it is also going to be bad for your sleeping habits if you hang onto your mattress for too long, as they have a limited shelf life and need to be replaced every seven years or so.

You can extend the life of a mattress by adding a topper, although with so many cost-effective and cool companies arising in recent years to make it easy to upgrade the entire thing, there is little reason not to.

Brands like Simba have gained traction thanks to the exceptional quality and comfort of their mattresses, and this has become a fashion accessory for modern living in its own right.

Pick high quality bed linen

The final area in which you should aim to invest to improve your sleep is your sheets. While you might balk at the thought of splashing out for top of the line linen, the reality is that the higher the thread count, the more comfortable your nights will be, and the lower the likelihood that your sleep will be interrupted.

In short, any corners you cut on your bedroom furniture and accessories will be a false economy, so spend more to reap the physical and emotional benefits that good sleep brings.