When you get ready to go on vacation, you may become overwhelmed with a large packing list. You must think about the costs of travel and how to travel light. Airlines often charge for extra items or weight, as well. You can easily minimize your travel gear with a few inexpensive purchases. Before you shop, think about the items you use every day and make a list of necessities. 

Duffle Bags or Backpacks

If you have a short vacation planned, you may not need a large, heavy suitcase. You can find large duffle bags for clothing, or a backpack to use as a carry-on. You can find special backpacks with padding to protect your laptop or other electronics. With a simple backpack and duffle bag, you can easily 


If you can’t leave home without a book, or ten, get an e-reader for travel. With an e-reader or tablet, you can bring all of your favorite books along on every vacation. You can even get a waterproof e-reader so you can enjoy your favorite novels on the beach. You can also download audiobooks on your phone to listen to while traveling on the plane. 

Shampoo and Conditioner Bars

If you must have your personal shampoo and conditioner with you, consider shampoo and conditioner bars. You can back them much easier than a bottle of shampoo with no worries about spilling. With current regulations on liquids for air travel, shampoo and conditioner bars can save you a lot of trouble. 

Clip-on Camera Lenses

Perhaps you have a nice camera for photography, but you just don’t really need it on your business trip. You can now purchase clips on lenses for your phone, to improve the photo quality. With Amazon coupons, you can get helpful discounts on camera lenses and other travel necessities. 

Small Makeup Palettes

Women often like to look their best, even on a relaxing vacation. If you travel for work, however, you may need makeup for professional meetings. Instead of bringing your entire makeup and brush collection, choose some one-time use makeup pallets. Packaged in disposable envelopes, you can slip these palettes into any small space. You can also purchase an all-in-one reusable palette. These compact may have small amounts of eyeshadow, blush, and lip color. 

Collapsible Bags

If you plan to do some light shopping or hiking, pack a few collapsible bags to use on your adventures. You can find these in all sizes. Many people use these for trips to the grocery store. They fold up into a pouch when not in use, so you can pack them easily. You can carry your lunch or shop in local stores with your reusable bags. You can also find collapsible backpacks to carry some light gear while hiking. 

You may realize you do not need as much stuff as previously expected when you begin packing lighter. You may also enjoy the absence of extra luggage fees. Simply grab your duffle bag and backpack for a fun weekend away. Reduce complications by eliminating liquid shower products, as well. You can easily find discounts with online coupon codes, as well. Make a list of your daily necessities and downsize before your next trip.