Several people intend to shed off some pounds for a variety of reasons. Some do so because of underlying medical conditions while others intend to achieve a certain figure. There are also different ways on how to achieve weight loss targets, with some focusing on diet and exercise and others trying out various weight loss supplements and treatments like Lipotropic B-12 injections. In the case of the latter, this article takes a closer look at the effectiveness of different weight loss supplements.

Garcinia Cambogia Extract

One of the most popular weight loss supplements is the extract from Garcinia Cambogia, which is a small green fruit shaped like a pumpkin. Several weight loss brands leverage this extract because it is known to increase the levels of serotonin in the body which can potentially lead to reducing cravings. From there, these brands market Garcinia Cambogia as a diet pill, which, on average can cause a weight loss of about a kilogram within a couple of weeks. The best part is that there are no reports of serious side effects with the use of this extract.


One of the most popular weight loss supplements in the world is Hydroxycut, which contains many ingredients that are known to foster weight loss. Some of these include a few plant extracts, as well as caffeine. When it comes to its effectiveness, studies show that individuals taking in this supplement tend to lose over ten kilograms over three months. However, if you are caffeine sensitive, you may experience anxiety or tremors, as well as nausea and diarrhea as side effects of taking this supplement, which is why this may not be the perfect supplement for you.

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If you are fond of drinking coffee or tea, then you may be surprised to know that the caffeine it contains can foster your weight loss. For this reason, caffeine is also considered one of the most popular weight loss supplements leveraged by people who intend to lose weight over a short period. The reason behind this is that caffeine can boost your metabolism by over ten percent, which means that your body’s fat-burning process is enhanced by up to 30%.

Caffeine is proven to be effective in generating modest weight loss within a considerable period. However, for some people, high amounts of caffeine can have adverse side effects, which is why taking this as a weight-loss supplement is not ideal for everybody. In addition to this, tolerance to the effects of caffeine on your body may rapidly develop, yielding this as an ineffective weight loss supplement as soon as your body is already accustomed to it.


Orlistat is another popular weight loss pill that is sometimes prescribed as Xenical. As an over the counter medicine, it is also sold as Alli. This pill inhibits the breakdown of fat in your gut, which makes your body take in fewer calories from it. Several studies vouch for the effectiveness of this pill, with numerous people experiencing a weight loss of around three kilograms over six weeks.

Apart from weight loss, Orlistat is also known to reduce blood pressure, as well as the risk of developing diabetes. However, it also has some side effects such as loose and oily stools, as well as frequent bowel movements that may prove to be too difficult to control. Nonetheless, to minimize these side effects, it is recommended for users to follow a low-fat diet while taking in this supplement.

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Raspberry Ketones

Raspberry ketones is a weight loss supplement that increases the breakdown of fats. It also increases the level of adiponectin, which is a hormone that is related to weight loss. When it comes to the effectiveness of this supplement though, there is a lack of evidence that it fosters weight loss in humans because the only study conducted regarding raspberry ketones involved rodents. Nonetheless, through the study, it was found that this was effective in reducing the weight gain of rodents, but massive doses were given. Thus, you may need to reconsider taking raspberry ketones and take a look at other alternative supplements instead.

The key to achieving your ideal weight is technically a combination of proper diet, regular exercise, as well as taking in weight loss supplements to hasten the process. Diet alone, exercise alone, or weight supplements alone may help you achieve your target, but the process that you need to endure to achieve your goal may prove to be longer or more tiring. Thus, exert an extra effort to try and implement all of these in conjunction because, in the end, you will surely benefit from it.