To be a homeowner is the dream of everybody around the world. To not have to pay a landlord to be able to invest or live in a house is a dream because who doesn’t want somewhere they can put their own footprint? The problem is that homeownership is one that feels increasingly out of reach for many people. People often save their money for years and years and still never manage to embrace the full cost of a deposit for a house. 

This is the reason that we see people renting homes for a long time. The thing is, when you are searching for a mortgage broker near me, you should consider what it would mean to be a homeowner and why you should continue to strive of owning a home. Let’s take a look at the reasons why purchasing is already a worthwhile adventure.

That feeling of pride.

There is a lot of pride that comes from paying off your home. A house that is yours, a tangible asset that you could pass your children or sell on and invest for the one-day. There is also a sense of pride of being able to sign the dotted line and not have to be accountable to anybody but yourself. There are no landlords to answer to, nobody to kick you out of the house that you are comfortable in, and there’s nobody who is going to tell you that you’re doing something wrong. It’s a pride feeling.


When you own your own house you don’t have to worry about Real Estate agents coming to do inspections periodically, nor do you have to feel like you have to ask permission to make any changes or do anything to the interior. When a home is yours, you get to make all of the decisions as to what it looks like. You can change it to suit your needs and the current trends and all you have to do is ensure that you keep up the payments.

Financial security.

As we said, a home is an asset, and buying a house is a great form of savings because every payment takes you closer to the day where you can achieve total ownership with no mortgage. Your home becomes your greatest financial asset and money paid for your rent is money you will never see again – in fact you pay somebody else’s mortgage. We know it’s not easy to get a deposit together, but it should be a gold of yours to have that financial security and help you to strive to keep saving.

You are building wealth.

Your home is one of the only assets that has no particular taxes, which means that you are building something just for you. You don’t have to worry about capital gains when it comes to your house.

You could buy a dog.

An excellent reason to be a homeowner – pet ownership is no longer something that you need permission for. You can buy a dog, a cat or any pet that you like as long as it suits your home and makes you feel happy.