Throughout the warmer months (for those who don’t live in perpetual sunshine) people tend to focus on winter refurbs in their gardens, or the bigger jobs that can’t be done in the winter like roof repair, garage maintenance, and new doors or windows. Well, they can be done, but who want’s to let the cold air in? But when it comes to fall and winter, when people spend the most time indoors, that familiar ‘nesting’ urge doesn’t go away. You still want to move things about, re-decorate a little, but what can you do over winter that you didn’t do in the warmer months?


For those longer, chillier nights it’s our beds that call to us. There’s nothing better than being wrapped up warmly in a bed to help free your spine. You might want to look at getting a new frame; does your old one creek or wiggle? Do you want more storage or just a new look? Or you might just need a new mattress. Memory foam is super comfy and great for your body – you can just buy a topper if you don’t want to replace the entire mattress.


In the evening when you’ve come home from braving the freezing weather, and just want a mug of hot cocoa with those tiny marshmallows on top – the couch is your refuge. Binge some Netflix, catch up on shows or dive into a book, but do it sitting on a comfy couch. Go all-out lazy with a recliner, or get classy with an ottoman, and stretch out and relax.

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Sounds odd, but drapes can really change a room, they can be used to accent a color or theme, and, more importantly, keep the cold outside and the warmth inside. Thicker fabrics act as a barrier between the cold trying to get in and the warm air trying to escape. Don’t just use them on the windows, hanging a heavy drape over a doorway does the same trick. If you love the curtains you have, why not just adjust them by using a thick lining?

Cushions & Throws

This is the time of year where going cushion crazy will benefit you. The more fabric you have in a room, the more warmth is absorbed and not lost. Adding cushions and throws to a room automatically makes it look cozier and more inviting. You can accent a color choice or theme easily, and they will help with those snuggly evenings.


Everyone loves them. And where they are mostly used as decoration, they can also have a great effect on a home. The scent makes you happier and want to spend more time there, and the warmth that little flames gives off is greater than you’d think. The right candle can also help clear the air in the room, making it a nicer, and healthier space to be in. As for decorating goes, this might not satisfy your nesting cravings, but it will look good.