The video game euphoria started in the past century with the first computers, when the games were simple yet entertaining. Even back then, though, there was a tremendous amount of potential, and everyone predicted the growth of the industry in the next decade. It happened as expected, and video games became an enormous sensation, especially in the early 2000s. Some games were so popular that tournaments were organized across the world, with the winner receiving a monetary prize as well as a reputation.

Fantasy games, which are multiplayer online role-playing video games, quickly caught up with the others. Their appeal is apparently due to the vibrant characters and the ability to engage with gamers from all around the world. As a result, role playing games swept the globe, and RuneScape is one such game that is often forgotten yet always remembered by the older age. Is it worthwhile to play this year, and if so, how can it be made more enjoyable? To find out, keep reading as we examine it in the text below.

Its humble beginnings

The game was developed by Jagex, published in 2001, and has since been a massive success. It presents a multiplayer online role-playing fantasy video game where players can complete tutorials, quests, therefore always keeping the players entertained. It eventually went into the Guinness Book of World Records, with over 200 million accounts created worldwide. The plot is set in a medieval realm, fantasy world, under the name of Gielinor.

The realm is divided into kingdoms, then again regions, cities, and an immense map allowing for a lot of exploration with endless possibilities. The appeal comes from its many possibilities offered, as players can choose and customize their avatars, search and explore the vast land of the fictional realm, fight against different monsters (every region has different monsters and quests) and connect with other players, engage in quests together and enjoy the game.

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After the initial release of the game in 2001, it instantly took everyone by storm and its popularity made it stand strong until 2013 when the last version of the game was released. There has been talk of making a mobile version of the game in 2018, eventually, it was released in 2020 by Steam.

The many possibilities

The video game as stated before allows the players to pick their avatar, customize it and go on different quests. It all begins in a remote area, secluded and unknown, and a basic tutorial. After the initial tutorial, players can go on quests, get skills, and earn points for every new skill. There are tutors along with all the different places, cities, towns, and villages.

From the tutors or advisors, players can gain valuable information about their skills. The thing that can make the game far more interesting is engaging in all the different quests available. You can get armor, weapons or buy Runescape gold and become immensely rich, the money can help you get equipment, making it even more interesting. The game offers the possibility of interacting with people from around the world, as said, there are over 200 million accounts, such vast possibilities should keep you busy for a while.

You can engage in fights with bosses or with other players. There are essentially 28 skills you can acquire throughout the game, through exploration, finishing the different quests, and playing the game. It’s always more enjoyable to play with friends, so you may form a community. There are so many distinct communities in the game right now that you’ll feel like you’re in another universe. Create a clan, make members and go on a quest together. Engage in clan wars and make sure to loot and take advantage of your wins.

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There are friend chats, which enable you to communicate with other players, clan members, and generally have a good time.

The challenges

The interesting part of the game is the off-spring challenges offered by the game. The game does not follow a simple and linear storyline, it rather allows you to engage in different quests and challenges not part of the original story. You can do a 24-hour challenge, which many players are drawn to.

By fighting all the bosses in the challenge, you can acquire unique items dropped. There is also the Quest for Survival Hardcore Ironman. This series or these challenges are keeping you busy all the time. In the end, you can always find ways to keep you interested. You can challenge yourself by simply trying to achieve high levels, faster kill speed, and essentially become a better player.

Another challenge you can take up is solo fighting the Kalphite King, it takes some time and you’ll need to figure out a strategy, however, the results are more than satisfying. Whatever you choose, the game’s options are limitless, so you can always make something up and try something new, keeping you active and entertained at all times.