The PS2 is undoubtedly one of the best gaming consoles ever made, celebrated for its vast and diverse library of games. Given its enduring popularity, it’s no wonder many of these games are now available for Android devices.

If you’re looking for the best PS2 games to play on your Android device, look no further!

Here’s a detailed list of 10 classic games that have been ported to Android:

  1. God of War – Dive into the epic saga of Kratos as he battles gods and monsters from Greek mythology. This game is renowned for its brutal combat, intricate puzzles, and stunning narrative.
  2. Shadow of the Colossus – Experience the hauntingly beautiful adventure where you must defeat colossal beings to restore the life of a girl. Known for its minimalistic gameplay and breathtaking visuals, this game offers a unique challenge.
  3. Resident Evil 4 – Step into the shoes of Leon S. Kennedy tasked with rescuing the President’s daughter while surviving a horde of infected villagers. This game revolutionized the survival horror genre with its over-the-shoulder camera and gripping storyline.
  4. Final Fantasy X – Join Tidus and Yuna in a high-stakes adventure to save their world from an endless cycle of destruction. This installment is famous for its deep narrative, turn-based combat, and emotional impact.
  5. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories – Arguably one of the best PS2 games, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City explores the neon-lit streets of Vice City. This prequel provides a new storyline and gameplay tweaks, capturing the essence of the 80s with its music and style.
  6. Bully – Navigate the tricky social hierarchy of the fictional Bullworth Academy in this action-adventure game where you stand up against bullies and endure the trials of adolescence.
  7. Burnout Revenge – Hit the streets in this high-octane racing game known for its emphasis on aggressive driving and spectacular crashes. This title stands out with its revenge-based scoring system.
  8. Need for Speed: Most Wanted – Engage in high-speed chases and evade the police while climbing the ranks of the street racing scene. The game features a compelling narrative and dynamic gameplay.
  9. Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition – This racing game offers an extensive customization system and a wide range of vehicles to race through sprawling cityscapes in electrifying street races.
  10. True Crime: Streets of LA – Play as a detective in the LAPD, navigating through a gritty open world inspired by Los Angeles. The game combines driving, shooting, and fighting mechanics.
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These games represent some of the most iconic and enjoyable experiences available on the PS2, now accessible on your Android device. So, what are you waiting for? Start playing today!

How to Play the Best PS2 Games on Android

To enjoy these classic games on your Android phone or tablet, you’ll need the help of emulators. Emulators replicate the hardware of a gaming console, allowing you to run games designed for that platform on another device. Among the PlayStation 2 emulators available for Android, we recommend using ePSXe for its user-friendliness and compatibility.

First, download the ePSXe emulator and a PlayStation 2 game ROM. You can find these ROMs on sites like After downloading, transfer the ROM file to your Android device.

Launch ePSXe, configure your controls—either a gamepad or a virtual on-screen controller—and you’re ready to play. Once set up, your settings are saved, letting you dive right into the game whenever you want.

Bringing Back the Classics

These best PS2 games are truly timeless, providing an opportunity to revisit some of the greatest gaming experiences ever crafted. With the help of emulators like ePSXe, it’s effortless to resurrect these classic titles on your Android device.

Simply set up your emulator, download your selected game ROMs, and immerse yourself in these iconic games whenever and wherever you choose.