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Elvina Beck is a startup kid – exploring for the sake of curiosity in spite of fear and in the absence of guarantees. She has launched a production company, website, and brick-and-mortar business. For the last decade, Elvina has been in front and behind the camera as an actor, camera operator and video editor. Her client list includes Miley Cyrus, Avril Lavigne, Jeff Dunham, and companies like Cirque Du Soleil, Maxim, and Condé Nast . She maintains a film-friendly rental database called ScoutMy.com that helps low budget filmmakers. PodShare was born out of her early adoption of Airbnb in 2008 when she hosted the founders in her apartment. She leased and furnished 5 lofts across from the W hotel, working every role from concierge to housekeeper, and marketing the spaces with the slogan “why pay double at the W”. In 2011, Elvina realized that hospitality is an industry she could disrupt and opened PodShare in February 2012.

PodShare Hollywood is a custom built co-living space for up twelve travelers. A pod is made up of a memory foam mattress, LED nightlight, personal outlets, storage locker and 22” flat screen with Netflix, Hulu etc. The pods measure 12 ft high and are built into the wall with a stairway instead of a ladder, so guests never feel the person above or below them. Each “Podestrian” receives an online profile, written by the PodShare team, recording their stay like a virtual time capsule. Their next design will also feature live/work pods that convert from bed to desk. With multiple locations, PodShare will offer membership based housing. Future plans include developing a suite of digital reservation tools to make the travel experience social from booking to bed.


Year born: 1985

Age: 29

City: Los Angeles, CA

Background: B.S. Pepperdine University

Profession: Founder & Owner of PodShare Hollywood

Connect:  Website // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram

Valentina Balashova

Valentina Balashova

Valentina is a portrait, fashion, lifestyle and wedding photographer based in Los Angeles, CA.


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