5 Reasons To Get Your Clients Christmas Gifts

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You may have heard the expression that business thrives on great relationships or some variation of that. It means that if you have personal relationships with clients or customers whenever you can, they’ll believe that you genuinely care about them. They will probably buy things from you more than once if you can cultivate those relationships.

Getting your clients Christmas gifts is one way to show them how much you value them, assuming they celebrate the holiday. We’ll talk about some of the main reasons to do this in the following article.

It Reminds Them About You

Great Christmas gifts for your customers will keep your company in their minds. Maybe they bought something from you, and you’re trying to get them to come back and buy from you again. Getting them gifts at Christmas time will let them know about you if they happened to forget.

If they get a personalized item from your company and know that you sent it to them, they might buy from you again instead of a competitor. That’s why a Christmas gift’s cost when you get one for a client is negligible. That simple act might get them to walk back through your doors or order something from you online if you have an eCommerce business model.

It Shows Them You Value Their Business

It doesn’t make much sense for Amazon to get Christmas gifts for everyone who buys something from them during the year. Millions of people buy from large, faceless entities like that, so personal relationships don’t count for much there from a business standpoint.

However, maybe you run a business that caters to a particular customer base. For instance, perhaps you make office supplies, and you have customers that order from you in bulk. If so, you know that you need to build personal relationships with whoever’s in charge of purchasing those items if you want to get them to buy from you more than one time.

A single order from this client might net you tens of thousands of dollars or more. Because of that, it makes sense to show them you value and appreciate their business in any way you can.

Getting them holiday gifts is an easy way to do that. You have the initial expenditure when you buy the gift and send it, but you’re liable to recoup that money when the customer comes back to you the next time that they need what you can provide. Also, you can write off customer Christmas gifts as a tax deduction, which will help you when tax time rolls around each year.

You Can Send Them Customized Items

When you send Christmas gifts to your most valued customers, you might create customized items that have your company’s name and logo on them. That’s a way to remind your client about you not just when they get the present but potentially for many months to come.

For instance, if you get them a sweatshirt with your company’s logo on it or a coffee mug with your business’s name, if the client uses it, your name or logo is right there in front of them at all times. When they see that, it reminds them that they can get what they need from you and that you were considerate enough to get them a gift.

They might only need that nudge to buy from you next time. You’re much more likely to get repeat business than a competing company that never bothers to buy gifts for their biggest and most prominent accounts.

It Shows You Pay Attention to Them

If you don’t get something like a sweatshirt or coffee mug with your name and logo on it, maybe you’ll go a different route instead. Perhaps you’ll pay attention to a client so that you learn what they like. Then, you can get them a Christmas present related to that when the holidays approach.

In a sense, it’s similar to getting your spouse or partner something that you know they’ll appreciate. For instance, maybe you know that one of your main clients likes expensive scotch, so you buy them a bottle for the holidays. Perhaps you know they enjoy golf, so you get them a couple of guest passes to a high-end country club in your area.

Once you start getting to know them, they’ll expect you to court them with nice gifts around the holidays so that they buy from you again. It’s just like getting in your spouse’s good graces by buying them a thoughtful holiday gift. Instead of domestic bliss, you’ll get repeat business, which is just as valuable in your professional life.

It Helps You Both Grow and Expand Your Customer Base

As a business entity, you want to both keep your existing customer base by encouraging repeat business and you also want to attract new customers so you can keep expanding. When you send out lavish holiday gifts, you can do both those things at the same time.

When you send out holiday gifts, the people who receive them will appreciate them, but anyone else who sees them might also realize that your company goes the extra mile to maintain happy customer relationships. For instance, someone from another company who’s in the room when the post office drops off your gift will see that you represent a considerate corporate entity who will treat your clients the right way.

Your gifts can act as advertisements for your business. Someone who sees that generosity will want the same treatment, so they might contact you and try your products for the first time. Gifts are a marketing strategy that brings back goodwill from the recipient but also attracts new potential customers who want you to treat them nicely as well.

Christmas gifts for clients can help your company in many ways. The cost is worth it when you think about all the reasons for purchasing or creating them that we’ve mentioned.  

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Written by Brooke Nierling

Passionate blogger, travel enthusiast and Beagle lover looking to add a bit of beauty and kindness to our world.

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