The 10 Safest States To Live According to Millennials

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Millennials are one of the largest living generations in America. The Pew Research Center states that around 76 million people belong to this generation, making up what the New York Times called a powerful voting bloc that includes over 23 million potential voters. Millennials want safe, affordable places to live and will turn away from a state if it is not peaceful or has a high crime rate.

Due to millennials’ unemployment rate being higher than that of the nation and a continuous struggle with not having enough money, safer states mean more job opportunities, less crime, and a better chance of finding a job. Learn more about the safest states for millennials to settle in below.

The 10 Safest States To Live According to Millennials

1. North Dakota

The Great Plains have traditionally been one of the safest areas in America, and North Dakota is no exception to this rule, especially considering the number of farmers in the area and its small population of just over 1 million people, the smallest in America. It is a highly rural state, and very few cities are located within the state. The crime rate in North Dakota is meager, with one of America’s lowest violent crime rates.

2. New Hampshire

This tiny New England state ranks as one of the safest states in America with a population under 1 million people and ranks as one of the most affordable states to live in. New Hampshire has a relatively low cost of living and has virtually no violent crime statistics. Its small population size is thought to have played a part in its ranking as one of the safest states. The state has a meager crime rate, as well.

3. Washington state

According to the census bureau, Washington state is one of the largest states in America, and the Seattle metropolitan area is home to over 6 million people. It has the highest percentage of millennials in America and has the most significant concentration of young professionals. Spokane has high tourist traffic but had only 23 serious pedestrian injuries in 2021. Its economic life is booming, and this part of the country is full of high-tech companies. It has a high cost of living index, and the average income is much lower than the rest of America. Coupled with a high unemployment rate, living in Washington State is more affordable than in other states.

4. Vermont

Vermont ranks fourth as one of the safest states in America because of its small population size. It has a population of under 600,000 people, and this is ranked as the second-lowest in America after Alaska. Its crime rate is meager, and yes, it may be a bit boring, but that doesn’t stop it from being one of the safest states in America. It is an evergreen state, meaning it never experiences snow.

5. New Mexico

New Mexico is next to Texas and Arizona and has the highest crime rates in America. However, New Mexico is far safer than its neighbors, thanks to its small population of just under 2 million people. In America. Vermont also ranks as one of the most peaceful states in America. Due to its small size, there is a minor crime within Vermont, and violent crime is infrequent. Burglaries are incredibly uncommon in this peaceful state, and crimes against children and domestic violence are committed.

6. Massachusetts

Massachusetts is one of the safest states in America because of its relatively small population size, which has a crime rate lower than the national average. There is a low violent crime rate and few cases of burglary. Boston attracts tens of millions of tourists every year in a relatively expensive state of living in. The large number of people passing through the area contributes to its safety. Though violent crime is rare, some crimes against children have been reported.

7. Iowa

Iowa has a population of under 3 million people and a meager crime rate with few violent crime cases. Iowa also has one of the lowest poverty rates in America. It enjoys one of the lowest living costs in America, making it a very affordable state to live in if you are a millennial.

8. Montana

Montana is another safe state with few crimes committed against children, though there have been some cases in the past decade. It also has a low violent crime rate and a relatively low cost of living. Some have said that some towns are too isolated. Still, with its scenic views and affordable prices, Montana is steady on its way to becoming one of the most popular tourist destinations in America.

9. New Jersey

New Jersey has some of the most beautiful beaches in America and mansions overlooking stunning views of New York City. Unfortunately, the state’s high crime rate has earned it a reputation as one of the least liveable states in America. However, the state did earn one of the lowest crime rates in America, and many of its most dangerous cities have become much more peaceful in recent years.

10. South Dakota

South Dakota ranks among one of the safest states in America, and its small size makes it an incredibly peaceful place to live. Low crime rates and a low violent crime rate make it one of the safest states in America.

With safety becoming an increasing concern for millennial parents, finding homes with low crime rates and employment opportunities is a priority. Some states offer great weather, safety, and a low cost of living. Meanwhile, others offer great schools and attractive landmarks. With so many things for a millennial to consider when seeking out a new haven for their family, the above10 is an excellent place to start.

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Written by Hanna Hayda

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