A thought leader in the spiritual and physiological healing spaces, Dr. Crystal Jones is a multi-faceted healing facilitator who spends her days practicing the art of holding space and guiding others through the sacred process of healing. Her mission is to be a vessel of clarity, foundational healing and evolutionary truth.

A child of a military family, Dr. Jones was born in Louisiana, but spent time living all along the East Coast. She knew from a young age that she wanted to travel the world and have a positive impact on it. Later on, Dr. Jones began her professional journey working as a jail nutritionist and supervisor. As an inmate supervisor, Dr. Jones spent countless hours listening to the stories of incarcerated men and realized her true calling: a career that allowed for more impactful work via in-depth, personalized healing opportunities.

After graduating, Dr. Jones set off on her path to guide others towards true wholeness. With a doctoral degree in Chiropractic and a passionate drive to guide people into the truth of their personal traumas, Dr. Crystal Jones moves through many different languages of healing including reiki, yoga, doula and childbirth work, energy healing, reflexology, nutrition and dietetics, and holistic health counseling.

Today, Dr. Jones is the Executive Wellness Advisor of Dr. Crystal Jones, her Atlanta-based practice, and Founder of The Healers’ Collective, a full-service wellness production company. Focusing on the spirit, body and mind, Dr. Jones offers a dynamic, individualized healing experience for all of her clients. She has been called a “modern-day medicine woman”, “a holistic health counselor and so much more” and even “an agent for intentional manifestation”. 

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MiLLENNiAL sat down with Dr. Jones to learn more about her journey.

Millennial Magazine- Dr. Crystal Jones

Tell us how you became a healer and when you decided to fully step into this calling as a profession.

 I’m pretty careful with the semantics of calling myself a healing facilitator. Those who join me on this path are the healers; they heal themselves. My ultimate vision is the global awareness of this as people own their power to heal through intentional choice and elevating narratives of core values and beliefs. I’ve been in the “wellness” profession for over ten years, but it wasn’t until about seven years ago that I realized the magnificence of the body’s capability to heal itself. The last four years have been much more intense and intentional about going even deeper in the work.

Describe your training in this field. What did it take to learn some of your techniques? Were they original or a combination of years of practice, reading, and working with other healers?

In short, training never really ends and my technique is listening with the intent of listening. Most of the trainings were brought on my path. I’ve never been much of a seeker. My technique of holding space and being fluid through multiple modalities has been an original internal training that I am looking forward to sharing with the world in the near future. Training has taken me across the globe. Formally, I earned my Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics, professional degree in Holistic Wellness Consulting and Doctoral degree in Chiropractic. I experienced and trained in energy medicine, intuitive reading & reiki at multiple healing arts temples and through training of the elders within different lineages. I was trained as a Holistic Doula both in the US and abroad. I also hold certifications in yoga, meditation and breath work. I am a consistent student of life. I have sat with many of the most amazing healing facilitators.

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Millennial Magazine- Dr. Crystal Jones

What is one special success story you discovered with a client?

Healing is always successful as it’s a direction. Moving away from the polarity of the word, I have been honored to witness amazing processes. One process that automatically came to mind was with a human who was deaf in one ear and had her hearing restored within one session of becoming aware of blockages that stood in the way of her desired result. She brought me on to work with her for a completely different reason as she had no clue that hearing could ever shift for her.

How do you structure your sessions and tailor them to the individual?

The key factor in this structure is fluidity. Our initial session lasts, on average, a full day. I travel to their location, I listen, they process and sometimes we move into integration on a physiological level with bodywork depending on the flow. Their body leads the way and we open for conversation. With full awareness of the dynamic nature of healing, I work on a retainer model with those who cross my path so that they are able to stay within the present moment of their process. And then our paths diverge for highest good. They may or may not meet again.

Millennial Magazine- Dr. Crystal Jones

What have been some of the challenges in attracting clients or even working with them?

Most of the learning curves have come when my model moves through its evolutionary process. I work intentionally on staying in alignment, and with that awareness, people converge on this path when it is time. That process should never be taken personally. Allowing this work to follow alignment really has been a beautiful process.

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Often, the first visit can be intense for a client because they are accustomed to handing their power over to an authority figure. It takes time. It’s part of the process. Also, structure within fluidity is a new concept that many humans who cross my path take a little time with.

If there is any form of challenge, it would be with corporate clients because we speak two different languages. They want the work but must translate their definition of productivity first. Their employees thank them for it. A lot of this work it ground-breaking, so they are learning to be okay with putting a dollar figure with the value.

What is your advice for breaking through negative thought patterns or blocks in achieving happiness?

My first suggestion would be to stay away from polar words. People tend to fight what they deem negative, rather than experience it. In a safe space, thought patterns need to be observed and honored. Happiness is also very polar. The idea of achieving it comes with this thought that it is outside of yourself and some place to get to. Those thought patterns must be addressed for any change of narrative to occur. I think once that happens, the work can be done within to work through core values and truths.