No matter what the age, you still want to keep your car as clean as possible. However, paying someone else to professionally clean it can become quite expensive very quickly. Here are some ways that you can do it yourself so that it looks good without breaking your bank account.

Gather Your Supplies

The first thing you need to do is get all of your cleaning supplies together in one spot. The basic you will need are rags, at least one towel, cotton swabs, a vacuum cleaner (preferably one designed specifically for cleaning a vehicle,) as well as an air compressor. While this may seem like an excessive amount of equipment, you’ll need each one to get into the hard-to-reach spaces in your car and make sure it is thoroughly cleaned.

Find Enough Space

You will need enough space to clean your car. Since you will be hosing it down, you probably do not want to leave it in the garage. Park it in the driveway or your lawn if you prefer. Now is the time to get together your soap and wax you will be using. Most people who clean their vehicles by themselves can be quite particular about what kind of soap and wax they use on their cars. If you are unsure about what brand or type to purchase, try browsing through an online guide here so you know what kind sounds right for your car. In matters such as this, it’s best to listen to those who have experience.

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Get Inside First

You’ll want to start with the inside of your car first. While many start by cleaning the carpets first, this is definitely a mistake as you will just get the carpets dirty again when you clean the upper levels of the car. Make sure to declutter the car before attempting any type of cleaning. This may not be an issue if your car is newer, but as we all know, the longer you own your car, the more stuff gets crammed into gloveboxes or left in the backseat. Don’t forget to clear out the trunk as well.

Top to Bottom

Start cleaning the top of the interior of the car first. Work your way down getting all of the plastic surfaces. Vacuum all surfaces of the interior. Use the cotton swabs to get into the tight nooks and crannies that are otherwise out of reach. Next, shampoo the seats and then carpets, Leave the doors open so everything can airdry.

Rinse First

When washing the outside of the car, you will want to hose the car off first to rinse away any dirt and grime. If you put soap on it first before rinsing, you will risk scratching the paint job of the vehicle. After rinsing, then it is time to soap and wash the vehicle. Rinse the vehicle one more time to clear away any residual suds. Make sure to wash the undercarriage as well. After this is complete, you can proceed to wax the vehicle. Make sure to follow any directions listed on the product label and follow instruction completely.

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