Everyone loves a new car, but we can’t always afford to buy one when our current car is past its prime. But there are affordable things you can do to bring your old car back to life by enhancing its appearance so that it looks nearly new.

Clean It Out

You will be surprised how much better your existing car will look just by removing debris. Clear off the seats and empty the trunk of all but a spare tire and other necessities. Remove old air fresheners that have lost their scent, and get rid of the trash in the door pockets and under the seats, including those old parking tickets. Scoop up dropped change and put toys away if you have children. Your old car will look and feel cleaner already.

Get It Detailed

Invest in a detailed cleaning job of your car’s interior. Alternatively, you can buy a few tools and supplies to do it yourself. Pre-treat stains from spills and grease. Clean the seat covers. Wipe down the entire interior, including inside doors and roof. Don’t forget to clean the rear-view mirror and console lights. The steering wheel should be cleared of sticky residue, and the glove compartment can be relieved of years-old receipts and unneeded items. Then move the front seats forward and back to clear under them, remove the floor mats for scrubbing, and use car cleaning tools to get into the nooks and crannies, like the air vents.

Touch Up the Body

Get one or more estimates from a provider of auto body services on removing tiny chips and minor scratches on the painted surface of your old car. Patch any windshield cracks. Replace broken or burned-out headlights and other light fixtures along with other broken pieces like door handles, external mirrors, and body trim.

Replace the Wheel Covers

Tires can be a visual hotspot, so think about updating your wheel covers for shiny new ones that look sharp and up-to-date. Make sure the tires still have tread to keep them from looking old, dusty, and worn out. Add an updated wheel cover for the spare in case you get a flat tire.

Get a Paint Job

Painting your existing car the same color to refresh its look can make it look fantastic. Or you can have it painted a completely different color for a new feel. Make sure the auto paint shop is highly regarded and in good standing with customers. Follow the technician’s directions for protecting the paint when it is first applied. Consider having a wax application to seal the paint.

Your Old Car is Vintage

Don’t spend $20,000 on a new car when you can fix up your current ride for a fraction of the cost. Save money and enjoy your vehicle’s great new look by getting a few basic upgrades like these.