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Los Angeles has always been a hub for innovative approaches to wellness and health. Nestled into the artistically vibrant Frogtown, along the historic LA river, and next door to La Colombe Coffee Roasters is Quantum Clinic. This pioneering mental health retreat center, aims to redefine preventive mental health care through a unique blend of modern therapies designed to upgrade DNA.

Founded by Dr. Katelyn Lehman, a seasoned clinical psychologist with extensive experience in community and forensic psychology, and Dr. Maria Ramos, a US Navy veteran and clinical psychologist, this unique facility stands as a beacon of new-age therapeutic practices catering to a generation keen on embracing mental wellness.

Millennial had the privilege of experiencing the grounds firsthand where we caught up with Dr. Lehman before engaging in her signature treatments: the Scalar Upgrade and sensory deprivation Float Tank.

Integrating Modern Therapies for Holistic Wellness

During a detailed walk-through, Dr. Lehman shares, “We are pioneering a model of preventative mental health care here in Los Angeles, combining best practices across biofeedback, flotation rest, and sound therapy.”

This innovative approach aims to not only treat symptoms, but also prevent mental health issues by fostering an environment conducive to overall well-being. Some of these therapies include Coherence Measurement, a Scalar Upgrade, and of course, sensory deprivation Float Tanks.

Harnessing the Power of Coherence Measurement

One of the cornerstones of Quantum Clinic is its commitment to coherence measurement, a cutting-edge method that utilizes biofeedback to gauge one’s “flow” state. Before any treatment begins, patients partake in a 15-minute meditation while wearing a heart monitor that records heart rate variability (HRV) in relation to the body’s magnetic field.

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Scores typically range from 0-6, with numbers above 3 indicating a high level of coherence, which Dr. Lehman suggests, “is associated with a balanced and adaptive autonomic nervous system, promoting resilience to stress and supporting overall health.”

This preliminary session provides guests with a baseline understanding of their mental state, setting the stage for the personalized treatments that follow.

The Science of Sound and Space

A standout feature at Quantum Clinic is the Scalar upgrade—a 45-minute session involving sound therapy on a vibrating waterbed. Dr. Lehman explains, “The frequencies are passed through the vibrations from the bed, but also the headphones, structuring information in space.”

She emphasizes the significance of connecting with our predominantly spacious internal composition at a microscopic level, activated through sound protocols.

This unique treatment metaphorically mirrors how water responds to vibrations, with the body’s own 70% water composition serving as a conduit for these healing sound frequencies, offering what many describe as a ‘full DNA upgrade.’

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Floating Towards Peace

Quantum Clinic also offers a serene escape with its luxury flotation suites, which are filled with over 1,500 pounds of Epsom salts in highly salinated water.

“When you get in and lay in the water, you float effortlessly,” says Dr. Lehman, highlighting how this experience helps release the neuromuscular structure along the neck and spine, inviting guests to connect inwardly.

The process is akin to floating in the Dead Sea, where the high salt concentration allows for easy floating in the soothing, warm water.

The clinic ensures a complete experience by asking guests to shower before and after entering the floatation tanks, and provides earplugs to keep water from entering the ears.

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During a session, ambient lighting mimics twinkling stars above as therapeutic sound frequencies play overhead, inviting guests to let go and immerse themselves fully into the void of tranquility.

For those seeking a profound, shared therapeutic experience, the facility offers six flotation tanks, including options for double occupancy.

This thoughtful approach to mental wellness exemplifies the clinic’s dedication to creating a healing space that not only addresses the physical but also the emotional and psychological aspects of well-being.

Quantum Clinic As A Sanctuary for Emotional Processing

Arguably the most crucial element of any treatment is the psycho-emotional integration. To support this, the clinic has thoughtfully designed spaces that include a lounge, living water and tea station, an assortment of musical instruments, and resources for art therapy that are intended to enhance the processing and integration of each therapeutic experience.

“As we remove external stimulus from our environment, we become more aware and attuned to our inner environment,” Dr. Lehman remarks. This area of the clinic also serves as a space for guests to engage in decompression, reflecting on their experiences through drawing, movement, and hydration.

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Designed with Intention

The thoughtful design throughout the clinic also plays a critical role in its therapeutic impact.

Dr. Lehman notes. “In traditional community mental health or hospital settings, the environments don’t exactly scream healing. We really wanted to address that by weaving in elements of natural design, making sure that the front community space felt like you were actually getting a warm hug when you walk in.”

From the wind chimes throughout the surrounding gardens to the A-line architecture and skylights that allow natural light to flood in, every detail is meticulously planned to enhance the healing process. The space’s calming energy sets the tone to take a deep breath and drop into the present moment.

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A New Frontier in Mental Health

Quantum Clinic is more than just a mental health facility; it’s a movement towards a holistic approach to mental wellness, combining traditional psychological methods with innovative therapeutic practices. Dr. Lehman and her team are not only providing services but are fostering a community where mental health is actively preserved and cherished.

For those looking to explore new dimensions of mental wellness, Quantum Clinic offers a unique blend of therapies designed to harmonize the mind, body, and soul. As Dr. Lehman aptly puts it, this is “the next evolution in my practice,” promising a transformative experience for all who walk through its doors.