When you run a business or are thinking of launching your own start-up, perhaps the last point on your mind is the cost of utility bills, including your electricity and water. Nonetheless, they should be something to think deeply about when running the budget for your business. This could be because you are paying too much for them, taking what would otherwise be a healthy budget and actually nudging it towards the red. Take a look now at these five utility bills that might actually be bankrupting your business.


According to CBS news, the cost of water is constantly rising across the USA, with both businesses and private homes feeling the pinch. This may be the case for your business, especially if you run an office that uses a large amount of water. Your business doesn’t have to suffer, however, as, thanks to the deregulation of the market, there is a wide variety of providers out there that can provide a great service. Check out the water supplier for business offerings available at Utility Bidder, which will more than likely offer you a great price.


Electricity is essential to run your business properly, especially considering that the vast majority of businesses rely on digital products in order to provide solutions to their clients. There is the possibility, however, that you might be paying too much money to your electricity provider. It’s a much smarter option to shop around and get a better deal. You might even find one that is more environmentally sustainable while you are at it!


The average internet cost for businesses, especially considering the amount of people that need to remain connected to a fast Wi-Fi provider, can be rather high. Internet providers are rather simple to negotiate when it comes to getting a better deal. You may find that if you are running a large business, it’s rather easy to find a package deal that works for absolutely everyone involved. If they are unwilling to budge on the price, then there’s no reason why you can’t look somewhere else.


Keeping your employees warm is definitely high up on the priority list for any respectable modern office. With that said, it makes sense to get a smart meter so you are only paying for as much as you use as opposed to a blanket price that can often be much more expensive in the long run. Discuss the possibility with your heating provider today, and they will probably be more than happy to quickly meet your request.


Try and get a better telephone deal that actually reflects how often it is used within the office. You may find that due to the fact that most people have their own phones, including over half of children, that they can be contacted on, it’s easier to simply ditch the landlines altogether in favor of easy accessible mobile numbers. You may find that your company simply doesn’t need it at all.