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You only live once so be productive. Produce as much as you can, as long as you can. Keep your sense of humour because life will throw lemons at you. Make those situations funny while drinking freshly pressed lemonade. Make the most effort while you’re in the know of how to do it. Create the biggest change to your current moment you can think of. Be an industry about to break its record output. How do you think it works? Work that way. If one thing doesn’t work, try another. There’s no such thing as stagnation in nature, only the one we allow in our minds.

Use the greatest gift you have to give loads of performance to your time. Take the time to yield a product of immaculate calibre. It’s always worth it. The beauty about work is when you go above expectation it’s never frowned upon, but is appreciated because it’s a positive thing. Know that no work ever goes to waste. If it’s not accounted for, it’s experience, and experience is always an asset to have. Force yourself to regularly work, in terms of performance. Don’t just work for the sake of it. Work because you can, because it makes your dreams come through. Make it happen.

Productive Millennials

Nobody is born an expert. Even people with high intelligence have to be schooled first before they find their intelligence. Everybody starts at the beginning. It’s the universal law of life. Know then that the more you consistently work, the better you perform overall and the more secure you quickly advance toward your dreams. It’s not sad to find out what a dream is. It’s sad not to have one. If you have one, work for it. If you aren’t, you’re wasting your life. Investigate your interests and pin-point the most exciting.

Rich people are either born into a rich family, inherit riches from a deceased person or become rich by working for it. The latter carries the largest sense of reward because it takes years and is fraught with more obstacles than a hater. Even though the system is pro-rich and anti-poor and keeps non-white people more often than not in racial imperialism so as to exploit their key wealth in natural resources for the sustained hijacking of the world’s societies, continuous work can still make you a name for yourself and generate a healthy, honest living.

In the age of bling bling and nouveau-riche opulence, youths increasingly don’t want to work and earn anymore, they want to get rich, immediately. Nobody ever starts from the top. That’s where you all get it wrong. That this world is led by satanic mega institutions and ueber corporations is nothing new. That the intention to succeed by natural laws is seeked, against the backdrop of the aforementioned societal flaws, I suppose is novel. Work is good and bears the same benefits for you and me. Some have to work harder than others to make it. Their reward is however sweeter nonetheless. NIGERIA online is a country surfers stay away from because they stigmatize it as cyber-criminal. When I first started Specialist Listings, no one visited. Now 6000 people per month trust me for superior content “despite” me being a Nigerian. You know I deliver. How did I make it happen? I worked.

I’ll always work. Until the day I die. I love my subconsciousness too much not to materialize its many impulses. Work is universal. It cannot be escaped. Since avoiding it will make you stumble and fail worse than your fears, why don’t you just become pals with it and get the most things it offers above your expectations? It’s easy. Just work!

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Written by Dotun Adewunmi

I'm an online publisher from Nigeria dumb enough to care about saving the world. One of my blogs,, made runner-up in the World Summit Youth Awards 2010. In 2011, I completed a Next Generation Leaders e-course from the Internet society, Creativity, drawing, comics, photography, ballet, dance, humour, movies, music, critical thinking, progression, sports probably some others in between are my main interests.

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