Top Technologies Your Company Can Use To Create A Healthy Hybrid Workspace

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Over the past few years, we have seen businesses revolutionize their approach to a working environment. 43% of companies prefer a hybrid working model over remote or in-office learning. Hybrid working allows employees to enjoy the luxuries of working from home while benefiting from in-office work and resources. Additional research has shown that employees value the comfort of working from home, like wearing sweatpants or even scaling back their personal hygiene routines. 

There have been several technology innovations designed to support the hybrid work model and encourage a smooth transition to hybrid working. Want to learn more about these technologies? Keep reading for the ultimate guide to keeping your offices secure and promoting employee productivity in a hybrid working model.

Top Tech For A Healthy Hybrid Workspace

Let’s dive in and discuss the top technologies supporting the hybrid work revolution and how adopting these technologies can help you establish a healthy hybrid workspace for your employees while they work to fulfill their employee health and safety responsibilities.

Access Control

Using a commercial security solution with an access control system that supports hands-free door entry reduces the number of touchpoints employees must come into contact with when they enter and leave the building. Instead of pin pads that can harbor germs, touchless access control uses mobile credentials to allow access. Bluetooth access readers can communicate with mobile devices while they are stored in pockets and bags, and they do not have to be placed directly in front of the reader for a user to gain access. This prevents overcrowding at access points in buildings.

Implementing touchless mobile technologies allows you to ensure your business places employee health as a priority, allowing employees to social distance and avoid making contact with touchpoints that could promote the spread of germs. Access control is integral to combining physical and digital security to ensure digital assets within your office building are secure.

Occupancy Management

Occupancy management is a tool that you can integrate with your access control system to ensure you maintain social distancing measures within your offices. Occupancy management can allow you to set limits for the number of people allowed in each space within your office. This allows your employees to follow social distancing measures to keep them safe and healthy while using office resources.

Occupancy management can also help you determine when your office facilities are busiest and quietest. Sharing this information with employees can allow them to plan better and visit the office when it is quietest. Overcrowding puts your employees at risk in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, but it can also mean that they will have to wait longer to use resources in the office when it is busy.

This feature makes an excellent investment to help your business create a healthy hybrid work model and ensure employees use your office spaces effectively.

Smart Desk Management

Smart desk management is a solution designed to prevent employees from wasting time. Your business’s productivity may suffer if employees are constantly driving to the office only to find no desks available, forcing them to return home and use their remote working tools.

Smart desk management offers a desk booking system. The desk booking platform displays your office floor plan on a user-friendly interface that shows the available desks, the booked desks, and who each desk is reserved for. Viewing each desk allows employees to sit in teams or sit with friends when visiting the office. Smart desk management will enable employees to ensure they are not wasting their own time.

Visitor Management

Since the pandemic, keeping an accurate log of visitors has become a priority due to the track and trace program. You will need to contact any visitors who have entered your office buildings if an outbreak of coronavirus occurs to help control the spread of germs.

Visitor management can make logging visitors straightforward and automate the process to not infringe upon employee time. When integrated with your access control system, visitor management allows visitors to complete digital registration forms that grant them a temporary digital access key to enter the building. This will give you more accurate records to contact visitors should there be a coronavirus outbreak at your facility.

Automated Wellness Verification

Wellness verification software is a solution that allows businesses to screen for coronavirus symptoms using their access control system. Similar to visitor management software, employees and users must fill out digital forms regarding their symptoms before entering the building. This ensures your hybrid workspace remains free from symptomatic individuals and helps maintain a healthy working environment.


With these tools on hand, it is becoming easier for businesses to utilize the strengths of both remote working and hybrid working. Companies can use these technologies to secure their office spaces, protect employee health, and ensure employees can access resources when they visit the office. The hybrid work revolution brings about new and practical innovations for managing a hybrid workforce easily and effectively.

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Written by Georgia Readman

Georgia Readman is a Manchester-based writer and journalist, who enjoys writing about the latest tech trends. You can reach her on

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