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Sydney is one of the hottest tourist destinations in Australia. Based on Travel to Sydney, 3.7 million guests from abroad visited the city until mid-2017. When it comes to the number of domestic visitors for the same period, it accounted for 9.5 million guests.

With so much to offer, Sydney is one of the most interesting cities in the world. It’s full of rich attractions like Sydney Opera House, Sea Life Sydney Aquarium and Royal Botanic Garden. And these are only some of the sites you can visit during the daily tours or sightseeing.

However, Sydney is also famous for its abounding nightlife offer so for many it’s quite a puzzle where to start from. No matter why you came to Sydney and for how long, there are certain nightlife spots you just have to visit.


Darlinghurst is an eastern suburb of Sydney and a densely populated area. It became a popular area since the urban reconstruction in the 1980s when it was a red-light district. Most of its population consists of people between 28 and 48 years of age, so it’s no wonder it is known for its nightlife offer.

This district hosts live music events, trendy small bars, and larger places if you like big parties. One of the most attractive locations is Darlo Bar with open-air terrace from where you can enjoy drinks with friends.

Those beer fans should definitely visit The Local Taphouse and enjoy a drink on its rooftop garden. They also host weekly trivia so you can participate while trying some of the new brews from the small Australian breweries.

Those more into cocktails can visit The Hazy Rose and Henrietta Supper Club. The latter also offers fantastic burgers and probably the most famous cheese boards in Sydney. Both establishments offer their signature cocktails, comfortable atmosphere, and an unique décor.

For bowling, beer and great DJ sets, you should stop by The Standard Bowl. But if you expect something more arty and live music performances, then visit The Oxford Art Factory. This place will surely appeal to those fans of art and Andy Warhol since it’s inspired by his Factory during the 1960s in New York.

But Surry Hills also has wonderful places to dance. Not so far from The Wild River is Play Bar. It’s an underground spot with live music and unique take on the classic cocktails. Since this district is rich with pubs in various styles from Victorian to Art Deco, you will have to make a list in the end.      

Central Business District and Darling Harbour

Central Business District (CBD) is mostly seen as the main commercial area of Sydney. However, it turned out to be more than that with amazing and energetic nightlife offer. Make your base in one of the serviced apartments Sydney has to offer by the beach. That way, you and your friends can enjoy daytime on the Bondi Beach and stop by the many fun venues in the CBD and Darling Harbour.

One of the most famous nightclubs Marquee will greet you with several dance floors and amazing DJ acts. If you want something more sophisticated, go to Ivy. This is a stylish and classy place with rooftop pool and dancing under the starry sky.

If you’re not into such glamorous places, visit an underground club the Chinese Laundry. The hip-hop and techno music will keep you dancing all night on the three dance floors. For rock’n’roll lovers, Frankie’s Pizza hosts fantastic live performances while offering you tasty food, frozen Margaritas, and karaoke fun.

Those who are not so much into big crowds and spaces should visit Mojo Record Bar. This is a unique spot where you can go through the vinyl collection in the front and have a drink in the next room. It also hosts live band performances and DJ acts, as well as Australian craft beers.

Surry Hills

Surry Hills offers a wide range of eating and drinking establishments where you can try some of the finest Australian fusion cuisine and wines. Also, the partygoers won’t be disappointed with spots promising great fun and musical events.

The Beresford is a perfect place for those who like to experience a little bit of both. Beer garden where guest can enjoy drinks and pizza and upstairs space hosting a live performance will be a great start to enjoy Sydney’s nightlife.

The wine aficionados should definitely stop by The Winery. A gorgeous venue to enjoy a sophisticated evening of excellent wines and seasonal culinary delights. However, if you’re more a whiskey fan, then The Wild River is just the place for you. It offers a wide variety of whiskeys and coziness, as well as tasting sessions.


Sydney is a big and cosmopolitan place. Besides these districts, the ones like Newtown, Paddington, Kings Cross and other will surely provide some unique adventures and fun. Being an incredible cultural hub as it is, Sydney will certainly charm you for many days and nights. 

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Written by Ronald Wolf

Ronald Wolf is a digital marketing freelancer, Australian outdoor boy and a strong believer in digital nomading and all of its benefits, but also is aware of the hardships and troubles you might find.

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