Massachusetts is said to be the 4th best state for millennials. Be it the fact that it’s become a hub for colleges or maybe the fact that you’re never five minutes away from a restaurant or some kind of entertainment. Or maybe it’s the fact that despite its size, Massachusetts feels like home. The elevated level of health care, education, and overall quality of life has pulled millennials into Massachusetts’ radar.

We can’t help but wonder, what exactly do millennials do for fun in this small but mighty state?

Foodie Adventures

Starting out as a state which brought seafood-lovers into its quarters, Massachusetts has been expanding recently. This state is evolving as chefs from across the US make their way to Massachusetts, allowing millennials to explore a wider palette of flavors. You can find hangout spots that offer a select array of food-fueled adventures to embark on. From mixologists to fair trade coffee beans or just good old run-of-the-mill comfort food, millennials love to explore all the tasty joints this state has to offer.

Building Start-Ups

Not sure if everyone would consider this to be a ‘fun’ activity, but Massachusetts is probably one of the best cities for millennials to head to if they’re looking to start up their own company. If you’re looking to pull a Zuckerburg, Cambridge is said to be the venture capital, housing graduates from some of the top universities internationally such as MIT and Harvard. There are lots of investors looking to venture capital in coming-of-age industries like biotech. Boston alone has been ranked the number 1 start-up hub in America. So to all Millennials in Massachusetts- get your creative caps on.

Bet on Their Favorite Sports Team

Although most sports enthusiasts are generally in their late 30s,  many millennials find the betting element of sports to be quite riveting. Millennials in Massachusetts are no exception to this fact. If you’re wondering, is sports betting legal in Massachusetts, the short answer is- not quite. For the time being, betting on individual college football players is still against the law and will be till at least 2023.

However, there is talk of a Massachusetts sports betting bill that will allow people to get into online betting and in-person betting moving through the state legislature. In the meantime, the House of Representatives has passed a Massachusetts sports betting bill that makes it legal for you to bet on professional sports, eSports, and college sports, as well as other types of games.

Tantra Speed Dating

You might be thinking- what? If Tinder’s been kind of a bust in recent days, Tantra Speed Dating may be the spice your love life needs. Offering a fun array of guided exercises for you to engage in with up to 20 dates, this Bostonian activity might be just what you need to relate better to people, find that deep, meaningful connection you’ve been searching for, and just broaden your horizons on what a relationship could be.

Visit the Emerald Necklace

The walking trails in Boston are well equipped to help you reach your 1000 step target. If you’re looking for a spot to get some fresh air, the Emerald Necklace is one of the more popular spots where you’ll catch some fellow millennials. This glorious park, which stretches all the way from Back Bay to Dorchester has got plenty of trails to choose from- a truly enticing experience for all your senses in the springtime.

Appreciate the Fine Arts

There’s no denying that Massachusetts has got a robust and historical art scene. The underrated seashore town of Orleans has some of the most underrated galleries out there. It is home to the fine artworks of both local and nationally-recognized artists, making it a great place to go if you’re looking to decorate your new home with artsy and unique pieces.

New England is another one of Massachusetts hubs for artists, writers, and architects alike. Some of the galleries and art cafes in New England are great hangout spots for type-B personalities and overall creatives to discuss all things aesthetic.

Drink Beer

The city of Boston has its own Boston Brew Tour. Think of it as a crossover between a history lesson and an exploration of local craft beers. You get to bounce from one brewery to the next, tasting all the sweet sweet ales they have to offer and learning what goes on behind the closed doors of these breweries. Who wouldn’t want to know how the elixir of life is made?

If you’re looking to take it a bit more chill, Boston has also got plenty of outdoor beer gardens for you to taste some of the local brews with friends and colleagues. The Trillium Beer Garden is one of the most vibrant ones in recent days, Happy Hours being one of its most promising offers which have people lining up.