The world is constantly evolving and for millennials, the choice of which career path to take can be a daunting one. Millennials are stuck in between a generation (baby boomers) which prioritized hard work over anything else – a generation which more often than not, stayed in one job for life – and a generation (generation Z) which grew up with technology at their fingertips. However, it is now widely acknowledged that jobs for life are rare. The 21st century has increasingly seen that a man or women will have a variety of jobs in a variety of different fields throughout his/her lifetime. This is not necessarily a bad thing, however.

Being able to freely change careers means that your life will never become static and tedious. If you get bored of the career path which you chose when you were 18 there is no reason why you can’t change careers at a point further in time. In fact, now we are in the 21st century, the world is a millennial’s oyster and so is the jobs market. Never before have young adults in their late teens and twenties been presented with as many choices of careers as they are offered today.

In addition to this, the internet is akin to an online university where anybody can learn any skill they desire. Want to learn how to code? Learn a new language? Become a novelist? These are just three skills you need to become a master, thanks to the internet. On the other hand, millennials also have the opportunity to work in jobs that did not even exist before the turn of the millennium and in some cases, didn’t exist even five years ago. So without further ado, here are five career choices that should be perfect for millennials.

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Professional gambler

Although the term professional gambler screams out negative connotations, there are thousands of extremely intelligent millennials who have chosen careers as professional gamblers. What many fail to realize is that with the help of math and logic, gambling becomes more skill based as opposed to luck based. There are a variety of very intelligent and now very rich millennial poker players who are able to use math and logic in order to increase their edge when playing poker, for example.

There are also numerous sports gambling professionals who use a mix of statistics and their immense sports knowledge in order to successfully gamble on the outcome of sports matches. Professional casino gamblers also exist – James Bond they’re not, however they do use a variety of tactics in order to gain an edge over the casino. Professional casino players use a bunch of well thought out ‘betting systems’ in order to bring down casinos. There was a very interesting case involving professional poker player Phil Ivey who used a technique called edge sorting against a casino.

Web Developer

As everyone is now aware, the online world is everything. Almost all industries have moved onto the online world; social media, online shopping, television, music – everything is online. If there is one job that will keep you in a job for life, it is the job of the web developer. The role of a web developer is to code, modify and in some cases design websites. Websites on the internet don’t just appear by magic, they are created using code – sequences of words and numbers painstakingly created by programmers and web developers. It is up to the web developer to ensure the website works perfectly and looks beautiful.

In order to become a web developer, you will usually need a university degree in computer science as well as experience as either a computer programmer or graphic designer.

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Esports Athlete

For those of who do not know what an esports athlete is, it is a professional video-gamer. Thanks to the internet and the birth of online gameplay, video gaming has become arguably the most popular entertainment sport on the planet. Video gamers are now able to earn huge amounts of money just by playing video games competitively. Games such as Dota 2, League of Legends and Counter Strike are the most profitable games for an esports athlete to play. Some Dota 2 players have earned over $1 million from competing in tournaments.

Professional video gaming has become a worldwide phenomenon, arenas throughout the world are sold out within days when it is announced that they will be hosting a popular esports tournament. Currently, esports are most appreciated in China and South Korea. However, Europe and North American support is not far behind.

Twitch Streamer

Twitch, if you do not know, is an online streaming platform. Anyone with an internet connection can create their own Twitch account and stream. Twitch streamers primarily stream themselves playing video games. Some of the previously mentioned esports athletes use Twitch in order to stream their own gameplay and depending on who they are, are able to attract tens of thousands of viewers in each and every live session. Popular Twitch streamers are paid by Twitch whilst these same streamers are also able to gain money through advertisements on their channel. Obviously, the more viewers you can bring to your live stream, the more money you will be able to make.

Another way Twitch streamers can make money is through affiliate partnerships. For example, there are various Twitch streamers who stream themselves playing casino games such as online roulette and blackjack. These Twitch streamers receive money from the casino sites in which they play on. A popular twitch streamer playing on their platform is great advertisement for any casino. Of course, monetary gain is not the only standout thing in regards to a professional Twitch streamer. Most Twitch streamers stream games that they love playing. Everyone’s dream in life is to have a job which they love to wake up for and the majority of Twitch streamers love video gaming.

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Travel Blogger

Imagine this as your life; one week you’re in the Sahara Desert, watching the sun rise above the rich desert dunes. The next week you are trekking your way across the Atlas Mountains in Tunisia and the week after that you are sitting down at a restaurant in fantastic Firenze sitting across from a beautiful Italian whilst enjoying a glass of red wine – all of this you are documenting on your online travel blog which is read by tens of thousands of people per month – this is the life of a travel blogger. Of course, being a travel blogger is a dream job for a lot of people. To be a successful, you need to commit yourself fully and offer your readers original content that other travel bloggers are not offering.

Travel bloggers usually make money via advertisements on their blogs. Alternatively, if you do become successful, then a company could get in touch with you asking you to hype up their product to your readers. If you become really big then hotels may even invite you to stay in one of their rooms for free as long as you mention them in your blog post. With travel blogging, the world really is your oyster.