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It was March 24th, 2016. Future Thieves were live-streaming their show at Blue Rock Studios in Wimberley, Texas. The adrenaline from performing at SXSW only a week earlier added some extra fuel to the band’s blend of melodic rock and turbocharged Americana. “How’s everybody doing out there in the world?” asked Elliot Collett (lead vocals / rhythm guitar) before launching into “The Floor.” Viewers were glued to their screens as Elliot and band members Austin McCool (lead guitar), Nick Goss (bass), and Gianni Gibson (drums) deliver a stirring set of songs from their debut album Horizon Line (2015), plus new material that reflects why press and fans are raving about these “incredible songwriters” (The Tennessean).

In less than sixty minutes, Future Thieves completed their next album, Live at Blue Rock. From festivals like Bonnaroo, Summerfest, and Forecastle to standing room-only shows across the U.S., Future Thieves thrive in a live setting. The band regularly packs venues from Los Angeles to New York City to their home base in Nashville. 

Though each band member followed a different route musically, the synergy between them sparked from the moment Future Thieves formed in October 2013. Nick and Austin knew each other from their time in Evansville, Indiana before settling in Nashville. Elliot hailed from Eastern Kentucky and had landed in Tennessee with his old band. Gianni made it to Nashville by way of LA, NY and London.

Future Thieves began recording Horizon Line during the summer of 2015 after sharpening their sound through months of gigs and touring. Working with producer Alex Jarvis, the band recorded Horizon Line in their home studio and released it on their own label in October 2015.

Horizon Line burnished Future Thieves’ profile in Nashville and beyond. A year after the album’s release, Horizon Line is still expanding the band’s loyal fan base. The band embarked on a national tour to promote Horizon Line, crossing the country in a van and giving 1,000% onstage every night.

Playing live is one of the essential elements to Future Thieves creative process. Listening to Live at Blue Rock is like being in the room with Future Thieves, soaking up all of the nuances that make the band such a thrilling live act.

A sense of adventure shapes Live at Blue Rock, bridging Horizon Line with the band’s next studio effort while also coinciding with their upcoming 2017 tour of Europe. From the opening guitar riff on “Dark in the Day” to the thunderous closing vamp of “Nightmares,” the album commands attention from start to finish.

The best way to experience Live at Blue Rock is to take a cue from Gianni’s leap across the album cover. Press play and dive right in.

MiLLENNiAL caught up with Nick Goss to learn how Future Thieves are shaping their sound for their upcoming tour.

Describe your musical style.

Goss: We are definitely an alt-rock band, but we blend all kinds of music. In that sense, we could be put under the umbrella of alternative/modern rock. We love having a big sound with crisp, melodic vocals, big rhythm, and exploring guitar licks.

How did the band come together?

Goss: Austin and I met in elementary school in southern Indiana and attended college together before moving to Nashville. We met Elliot (eastern KY) while working at a country club. At this time, Gianni (Los Angeles) was just moving to town from traveling around the country and London a bit. Gianni and Elliot have a mutual friend who said we should meet up upon Gianni’s arrival. All four of us were looking for a new project and started to jam on some songs Elliot had. We quickly developed our sound and started playing shows!

Where did the band name originate?

Goss: Elliot came up with the name. Doesn’t really mean much, just sounds cool and shows up first on Google!

Who does your music typically attract and what is your hope for expanding your audience?

Goss: It’s unbelievable to see the diversity in our crowds. Young and old seem to enjoy it and like it for numerous different reasons. As far as expanding our audience, we’re going to continue doing what we do best, recording and touring. SXSW and Europe this year are going to be huge for us being exposed to new ears. Also, our Live at Blue Rock album releases Jan. 13. March we record again for a fall release of our second full-length album, yet to be named.

What are your immediate goals as a band?

Goss: In the near future, we want to push the two albums from this year hard and tour like crazy. We’ve got our eyes on a lot of festivals and can’t wait to see how those pan out. By the end of the year we’d like to have hit both US coasts, release two albums in the year, play in Canada and Europe, and 5 major festivals. More than 5 is also acceptable.

You can catch Future Thieves at SXSW during the week of March 13-19 and in various cities along their European tour from May-June of 2017. To learn more, visit

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