With the cost of homes soaring around many parts of the country, young people today tend to live in apartments while starting their careers. Getting a first apartment is a sure sign of independence. In order to make the apartment feel like a home, the Millennial apartment dwellers spends more money in these five key areas.

Data Plans

Today’s young apartment dwellers stay in touch with their friends and family mainly through texting, messaging, or calling. They are willing to spend more on mobile phone plans that offer unlimited data. This allows them to stream shows, which is important if their apartments do not have cable television service. Even a good Wi-Fi plan can entice younger buyers.

Modular Furniture

Young people are often more willing to relocate than their parents were. Investing in modular furniture makes the relocation process easier. Being able to quickly take down and put together furniture and rearrange a gathering space also makes apartments more fun for a gathering of friends. Young people are willing to pay more in order to have furniture that meets their needs.

Organic Products

Organic products have a stronger presence than they did just a few years ago. Even mainstream, big-box retailers are putting in expansive organic food and product sections into their stores. Young people not only eat organic food, but they choose organic body and cleaning products. A maid service your apartment hires could also use organic cleaning products to help Millennials feel more ready to pay for the service.

Quality Cookware

While most people eat out a few times per week, young apartment dwellers are also spending money on quality cookware. Cast iron and enamel pots, high-tech pressure cookers and slow cookers allow a busy young person to quickly cook a tasty and healthy meal after a long day at work or school. While they are investing in quality cookware, they choose a few multi-functional bowls and plates rather than a huge set of china like previous generations did.

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Decorative Accessories

Decorative accessories are an important way for young people to showcase their passions and personality. In the tiny space of an apartment, accessories allow the resident to change the look of the space each season. Throw pillows, wall art, and richly textured fabrics are just a few of the extras that change up the look of the space.

Servicing Millennial Apartment Dwellers

Millennials buy fewer products and services than older generations, but they enjoy a high value in what they get. These products and services add beauty and aesthetic appeal to small apartments.