They say that people resemble their dogs, and if you’re the kind of person that likes to get out and about then you probably count your four-legged friend as an eager companion. Heck, even if you don’t like to get out and about, you can probably be assured that on those occasions when you absolutely must make a road trip, your number one doggo will make you feel pretty guilty if you make moves to leave without him.

In either case, it can be rewarding for all parties if you take your dog along with you. But while it may seem like a good lark, it is worth taking time to figure out his safety and comfort requirements before you go. Some dogs make it easy enough for you to let them jump in the trunk and hit the road – but this isn’t really advisable by itself. Instead, you should ensure that they are secure, there’s no way for them to go flying through the car in the event of a collision, and that everything is in place to keep them cool and comfortable.

Heat is one of the major considerations. Even if doggo loves to bask in the sun, the humidity of a hot car can make him super uncomfortable and even ill. Use climate control if you can, as if he’s tempted to stick his head out of an open window he may end up with dry eyes or even knocking his head against a lamppost, or worse – jumping out.

But really he shouldn’t be given the chance to get that far. In fact, there is range of harnesses, guards and carry-boxes to keep him just where you want him – you can find out more about your options in this colorful new infographic from Budget Direct.

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If you do make the decision to take your dog with you where’er you drive, be sure to treat him as you yourself would expect – with safety precautions, comfortable seating, and plenty of breaks for a stroll and a pee!
How To Keep Your Dog Safe In The Car