Try as you might, you just can’t seem to make your daily routine consistent. It feels like there is always something that gets in the way, and you’re never able to keep it going for more than a few weeks at the most. 

This is disheartening, to say the least, but it can also have a detrimental effect on your overall health. As much as people say they love spontaneity, what humans really enjoy is familiarity, and this is what your routine is supposed to offer. 

So how do you make a routine that sticks and works for you? Consider these ideas to take back control of your life and your health. 

Start Each Day The Right Way 

You will never master the routine without a solid base on which you build good habits. The best way to do this is to start each day the right way. If you’re someone who’s as far from a morning person as possible, this can sound like the worst thing. But, there is a secret to starting the day right. 

It’s more than just getting out of bed, you need to find a reason to get out of bed. This could be to take your dog for a walk first thing. It could be going for a run to kickstart your morning. Maybe you just want to get out of bed to make the most of the quiet. Whatever it is, make sure you embrace what the morning brings. 

Visualize Your Success and Your Goals 

It’s difficult to know where you’re going if you don’t have any idea of what you want. This is why visualizing your goals and success is so crucial for making your routine work for you. 

You don’t want the stress that comes from being uncertain about your future. Instead, you want to know how to get from where you are to where you want to be. By visualizing each step of the journey, you can feel more confident about what you need to do next, and this will give you confidence in reaching that goal.

Make The Most Of Downtime 

Everyone experiences some downtime during the day, and this usually comes as a relief. But, too many people will go straight to their phones, scrolling through social media or playing mindless games. 

There’s nothing wrong with a bit of mindless downtime, but it’s not always effective. Instead, take the chance to do something good for your health and benefit your routine. Do some pushups or go for a walk around the neighborhood. If you’re trying to cut down on bad habits, look at alternatives like pipe tobacco instead of cigarettes and push yourself to stick to these replacements rather than fall back to the same problems. Do everything you can to fill the time, no matter how little you have. 

Establish Accountability 

You’ll never make the most of your routine if you don’t hold yourself accountable for your actions. Accepting that it’s you that are responsible can be tricky, though. So, find a buddy to hold the mirror up for you. 

This accountability will stop you from making excuses and it will ensure you focus on your goals. This will eliminate the chance of you skipping exercises, and will help you maintain consistency. 

Don’t Let Bad Weather Throw You Off Course 

One excuse that everyone has used is bad weather. But, it doesn’t even need to be bad weather. Perhaps you’re feeling the effects of last night’s trip to the bar. Maybe you’d much rather indulge in some greasy food than lift weights. 

These are merely short-term rewards, and they won’t help you reach the goals you want. If anything, it’s these times that are the most important. Sticking to your routine even when you don’t want to helps you establish consistency and make it a natural part of your day instead of something you do now and again. 

Get Creative With Your Workouts 

But, even if you stick to your workout, you might still get bored doing the same workout over and over again. This can sap motivation and make you resent the idea of going to the gym or exercising. 

The good news is that this happens to everybody. No matter who you are, you’ll encounter a lack of inspiration at some point. Rather than struggle and suffer through it, though, look for other ways to make the most of the time you have. Alternating your workouts or adding new elements are always beneficial, and it can keep you on your toes. 

Force Yourself Through 

Sometimes, though, you need to push yourself. This could be at the gym, going for a run, or simply looking at other aspects of your routine that you don’t feel like doing. 

You won’t feel motivated all the time, but this isn’t what breeds success. Instead, must learn discipline. With this discipline, you’ll teach yourself to stick to your routine no matter what. You will find solutions for overcoming lethargy and indifference, and this will benefit your performance and progress. 

But Give Yourself Breaks, Too 

Humans were not designed to work all through the day, which is why breaks are crucial for maintaining good health and productivity. You wouldn’t lift weights without taking a break to recover, and the same goes for giving your mind a break. 

There are varying ideas on what type of break is best. Some experts believe as much as five minutes can refresh your mind, whereas others consider a 25-minute break every few hours is best for focus and productivity. Perhaps it varies between individuals, and you need to find what works for you. Whatever you decide, make sure to take a break so you can get the most from your routine. 

Working Hard 

Routines can be hard work, but they don’t need to be. While it might feel as if you need to put in the effort to get positive results from your routine, the real secret is making your routine work for you. This will take some dedication on your part, but once you make it the norm, you’ll reap the benefits and enjoy better health for your body and mind.