iTunes is the default sharing platform for iOS devices. This digital music management software helps you to organize the music that you already have on your device, as well as shop for new movies and music. There are quite a number of restrictions while using iTunes that has made users seek for other options for data transfer on their iOS devices. Although iTunes has a user friendly interface, the restrictions placed on iOS data transfer and management makes it difficult to use.

Some other shortfalls of iTunes for data transfer and management include: inability to view and edit the backup files that you used iTunes to save your iPhone data, syncing your iPhone/iPad with the iTunes library will have all your existing files overwritten without the possibility of getting them back, and you can only sync your iPhone or iPad with one computer. If you try to do so with another computer’s iPhone library, all of your iPhone data will be erased. These reasons are why so many users are thirsting for alternatives to iTunes for data transfer. The following software are our top 5 alternatives to iTunes.

EaseUs MobiMover

EaseUs MobiMover is a powerful data transfer utility and iPhone manager. Managing your iPhone’s entertainment just like iTunes; without its many restrictions. The four features in EaseUs MobiMover have 3 data transfer functionality and one management kit. EaseUs MobiMover enables you transfer data from an iPhone to an iPhone, as well as transfer from from a mobile iOS smart-phone or tablet to another. This offers you a one-click access to sync contacts, Messages, Notes, Voicemail, Playlists and many more from iPhone or iPad to another. With this software-EaseUs MobiMover sharing data to and from an iPhone to a Windows computer.

EaseUs MobiMover is a powerful alternative to iTunes for sharing iPhone data. This software ensures that there are few restrictions to sharing between devices of iOS and Windows platforms. Download EaseUs MobiMover here to transfer data and effectively manage the data on your iPhone. EaeUs MobiMover is totally free to download.


MusicBee is another free alternative to iTunes for data management and transfer on your iPhone or iPad to other devices. With MusiBee finding your entertainment files to play is really easy. It allows you manage your iPhone data with ease, and is a reliable sharing platform. You can use MusicBee to stream podcast, radio stations on the internet, and integrates perfectly with SoundCloud. This software after being installed on your Windows PC will ensure that you can sync your music collection with iOS, Android, and some Windows mobile devices. If you stumble on a format that your device seems not to support, you do not have to worry because MusicBee comes equipped with a file conversion tool that works very fast.

MusicBee allows you to manage your data library. In other words, with MusicBee you can find items, rename music or videos, and organize them into different folders. The fast conversion tool in MusicBee is its standout feature. It lets you convert files on the fly. Some drawback about this software is that you will require iTunes to be installed on your Windows PC, and MusicBee is only available for Windows users. EaseUs MobiMover is a better alternative than MusicBee.


A really credible alternative for your data management and transfer needs on an iPhone. This software was previously known as DiskAid has a really cool user-friendly iOS data manager for Windows and Mac. The developers of this software (DigiDNA) equipped it to guarantee its capabilities exceeds iTunes. You can backup and restore iPhone, iPad, and iPod media and other files on a Windows computer. A lot of iTunes users on Windows PC have complained that the app works too slow on it. iMazing as the name sound is an amazing data management utility, and a reliable alternative to iTunes. A built-in iTunes Library Manager comes with it after download and installation, as well as compatibility with iCloud.

Connect your iOS device with the computer through a Wi-Fi or USB connection, and you can get working with iMazing. You can manage files, photos, music, videos, call history, calendar, contacts and so on. There is also a support for documents from iBook. All your message format types, and notes.


With CopyTrans you can efficiently transfer music, photos, videos, contacts and others from a Windows PC with any iOS device. Just like MusicBee that needs installation of iTunes to enable use, CopyTrans gets its management done with reliance on iTunes for support. CopyTrans is a good alternative to iTunes for managing your iPhone data. You can use this software on Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, and iOS 5-12.

CopyTrans has complete support for transfer and management of data between an iOS device and a Windows computer. This freeware is really easy to use.


MediaMonkey is a really good free alternative to iTunes. MediaMonkey comes with multiple support for different media formats, and is also packed with an advanced manager. Although the interface of MediaMonkey is not as pleasant as iTunes, it is similar to iOS X management utility when it comes to functionality . This software is perfect for managing complex media libraries. This application is a good alternative, but not better than EaseUs MobiMover.

MediaMonkey is only available for Windows systems, and you can not sync your iPhone with your system via a Wi-Fi connection. This free version has some pretty good features, but there is a paid Gold Package that has even more features.

These above listed software are credible free alternatives to iTunes. Some of them require that iTunes is installed on the Windows PC to gain access to its use, while others do not need it. If you are tired of how slow iTunes is on your Windows computer, you do not have to delete it, as some of these software require it to run. From tests conducted, EaseUs MobiMover is the best out of these five softwares.