What are the young professionals doing to improve their living spaces, social lives, health, and general lifestyles? People at the peak of their professional lives, typically those between their mid-twenties and early forties, are trendsetters in many ways.

The choices they make as a group determine consumer and social trends in numerous areas. Large numbers of young homeowners install home lifts for added convenience, safety, and property improvement.

The rise in popularity of antenatal classes is yet another feature of the transformation of lifestyle among young couples. Other trends among this important group of consumers include taking yoga classes, postponing marriage until after the age of 30, and working from home when given the opportunity to do so.

Here’s a short list of activities and lifestyle choices that are trending for the 25-40 age group in 2023.

Installing Home Lifts

Younger homeowners are installing lifts in record numbers. In the past decade, prices have come down enough to entice people in all income groups to consider adding domestic lifts to their living spaces. An added bonus is that there are different types of home lifts to suit a variety of personal tastes.

Why has this once rare activity become a trend? Owners, particularly those in their first homes, have discovered how wonderful lifts look, how safe they are, and how much they add to the uniqueness factor of a property. When and if the time comes to sell, a private lift can serve as a powerful motivation for prospective buyers to make a decision.

Taking Antenatal Classes

Couples a generation ago got along with a bare minimum of information during the months leading to the birth of a child. Today, there’s a huge trend toward learning as much as possible in user-friendly antenatal classes that are led by knowledgeable instructors. There are antenatal classes in Wandsworth and other neighborhoods near London that are open to first-time parents who already have one or more children.

Professional men and women like the fact that schedules are flexible enough to accommodate their work hours, prices are very reasonable, and the curriculum does a good job of imparting essential information for moms and dads who are preparing for a new addition to the family.

Practicing Yoga

Yoga has spread over the world during the past two decades and is now one of the most popular exercise systems on the planet. Why do people, particularly those in their twenties, thirties, and forties, sign up for courses by the millions?

One reason is that yoga offers equal measures of physical fitness, mental calm, and emotional stability. There are no age or ability restrictions, for the most part, and classes are priced to fit any budget. For hard-working adults whose jobs are stressful, evening yoga classes a few times per week can go a long way toward reducing stress.

Postponing Marriage

For reasons related to finances, career development, and personal preference, millions of adults aged 25 to 40 are choosing to postpone marriage. A few decades ago, the majority of married people tied the know while in their early twenties. Today, huge numbers of working professionals wait at least until after the age of 30 to get married and start a family.