Being able to enjoy your home every single day of the week is quite easy, as long as you know how to organize your living space. Equipping it with cozy furniture, painting the walls in eye-pleasing colors, keeping your windows open all day long, lighting up a few candles and putting on some soothing music can really go a long way.

However, this isn’t enough for some people and all they wish to do is enhance this feeling as much as possible. That’s especially true for those die-hard fans of the outdoors who love nothing more than spending all their free time surrounded by nature. But, since turning your home into a forest isn’t an option, you have to look for other ways and alternatives to incorporate greenery that might work just as well. That’s why some bring plants and flowers into their rooms and are able to feel the change from day one. If you too are looking for a way to add a touch of greenery into your life, here are a few considerations that might help you do so.

Why are indoor plants important?

Besides looking amazing, what are some of the other reasons indoor plants are great for your home? First of all, they purify your indoor air and significantly elevate its quality, which is quite important in modern homes that are full of electronic equipment that makes our immediate environment unhealthy and toxic. Plants reduce the level of carbon dioxide and increase indoor humidity, and that’s something you can’t put a price on in extremely hot summer days. Finally, they can help you regulate indoor temperature and keep your home slightly warmer in the winter and much cooler during the summer.

These are also some of the reasons why plants are beneficial to your health, too – they can fight certain illnesses, help you breathe, speed up your healing and recovery process, boost your immunity, reduce your stress level and keep you motivated. In addition to that, some plants can even release their natural scent into the air and keep your home fresh and cozy all year long, which is particularly useful when you’re preparing a five-course meal in your kitchen for hours. In the end, plants can help you fall asleep more easily due to their soothing vapor. That’s why people suffering from insomnia should keep jasmine or lavender close to their bed.

Which plants to choose?

Of course, all of these plants are amazing and something we’d all want in our lives, but the problem is that we generally don’t know much about plants and are unsure how to make the right choice when wanting to incorporate them into our homes. You should first decide how much free space you have and what portion of it you can dedicate to plants – keep in mind that more is always better, but don’t overdo it unless you like living in an improvised jungle! Organizing your plants in groups is always a good method and spreading them around your bedrooms, living room and dining area is great as well. Another idea to investigate is placing each pot on a decorative jute rug that adds a nice contrast to the green color and elevates the natural appeal you’re going for.

When it comes to picking certain types of plants, always follow a simple system – if they look good, require minimal care and smell remarkable, they’re perfect for you. Some of the most popular indoor plants include aloe, English ivy, peace lily, spider plant and bamboo, as well as a few other equally appealing choices. All of these plants are easy to maintain, don’t require a lot of space and will definitely maintain their astonishing look for a long period of time. Moreover, they will purify your home and help you destress after a long day at the office, and that’s something we all need from time to time. But you can also consider to use an indoor fruit tree like a Meyer lemon. They look great, are relatively easy to care for and hey, fresh lemons in the summer. What’s not to like?

How to decorate with plants?

Probably the best way to incorporate plants into your home is mixing them with new or existing décor that will produce a new feeling of your interior space in no time. Doing so might not be as easy as many people think, but it also doesn’t have to be especially hard either. All you need to do is find a couple of plants that go well with your home decoration style and place them at strategic spots all around your rooms, and you’re good to go!

There are tons of ideas to explore, depending on your choice of plants and the style of your home, and you’ll be amazed how much a simple vertical garden, a few hanging planters or a stylish oversized pot in the corner of your living room can pull your entire home together.

Once you’ve added these plants into your home, it’s time to go a step further and make your décor a bit greener, too. Green pillow cases, throw blankets, wallpapers, posters, rugs and even sofas are trending right now, so purchase them as soon as possible.

Go simple

In the end, if you aren’t as handy with plants as you’d like to be, picking a simpler option might make more sense. There are lots of great types that require the minimal amount of care, yet will still add a dose of greenery into your home and prove to be an amazing choice, so start adding those cacti, jade plants and asparagus today!