Whether you are in a committed relationship, a marriage, or more into casual encounters, sex is undoubtedly a huge factor when it comes to romantic relationships. As long as it is done by consenting adults, sex should be enjoyed to the maximum. But so many men out there can’t enjoy this incredible gift of nature for various reasons. If you guessed right, early ejaculation (PE) is one of those factors, and it affects more men than most people think. Here are some things you can do if PE is affecting your sex life.

1. PE Wipes and Topical Applications

PE can be a real turnoff to both parties in a relationship. While many men won’t talk about it, it pays to be bold enough to seek a solution for your bedroom woes. While little information is available about medications that cure premature ejaculation, treatment is indeed available. These range from pharmaceuticals to supplement pills and topical application products.

Topical applications come in the form of anesthetic creams or sprays, which act as a numbing agent to prevent premature ejaculation. As seen in recent reviews by telemedicine writer Chase Stevens, Roman PE wipes and pills are known to be effective in prolonging male endurance in bed. Using the wipes on your male organ before sex can help numb the sensitive parts, so you are likely to last longer before climaxing.

2. PE Pills

Oral prescription pills like clomipramine, paroxetine, fluoxetine, and sertraline can also help you get your mojo back on track. Depending on what is causing your PE, a doctor could also recommend an antidepressant, analgesics, or phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitors. Nonetheless, it is advisable to use these pills only when you have a prescription from a certified health practitioner.

3. Behavioral Techniques

Typically, if you have issues with premature ejaculation, you are advised to masturbate an hour or two before you engage in intercourse. Yes, you read that right. Masturbation has too much negativity that we avoid discussing it openly, but if you want to enjoy proper climaxes and guaranteed sexual satisfaction, exciting your organs before the act can help. Let us take this bull by its horns. Masturbation creates a sense of personal shame, but hello, nobody wants a one minute man.

4. Exercise

We work out to get fit, lose weight, stay healthy, and look young. These are all helpful to your reproductive health, but you may have to go a notch higher when it comes to PE. Kegel exercises are the bomb with regards to strengthening your weak pelvic muscles. Once you have a strong pelvic floor, you are strong enough to perform a non-stop act filled with shooting orgasms.

To be more exact, the pelvic floor muscles are responsible for cutting and holding urine flow. You can practically do the exercise by grasping your contraction to these muscles for three seconds, releasing for three seconds. Repeat the pattern severally in a row. This is supposed to teach you how to hold your swimmers until you get enough.

5. Condoms

Despite being used for avoiding pregnancy and preventing sexually transmitted infections, condoms decrease penis sensitivity. When using a condom, it may take longer to ejaculate than when you have unprotected sex. And one more thing, if you thought that the latex in the condoms is simply a lubricant, this may catch you by surprise. The “lubricant” also contains numbing agents like lidocaine and benzocaine, both of which may help in lowering the urge to ejaculate. Is there a need for more explanation, or is the point home?

6. Counseling

A problem half shared is a problem half solved, and it becomes more profound if you go the professional way. It is always good to look for a mental health provider when facing anything that is really disturbing your peace of mind. Talk about your past relationships, sexual experiences, encounters, strengths, weaknesses, name it! Premature ejaculation can make you lose so many sexual partners because you are not giving them sexual satisfaction, and it will kill your esteem as a man if you are not a beast in bed.

During counseling, you will discuss all the above points in detail, and you will get the best medication combination to deal with your situation. All you want is consistent sexual intimacy and a satisfied partner. A counselor is your diary, and you should feel comfortable opening up about this significant gender weakness.

Suffering from PE can really kill your self-esteem and confidence. It is responsible for many failed relationships, and the victims often end up stressing. Luckily, the above few points could help you beat PE once and for all.