In this post, we are going to take a look at some of the more common forms of arthritis. 

Wrist Arthritis 

As arthritis is a degenerative condition, it cannot be fully cured, however, physiotherapy can ensure that pain is minimized by a significant degree. Mango kush and other strains can also assist with the pain.

Anyone can suffer from arthritis, but most people tend to experience hand and wrist arthritis when they have overworked the area or they have been involved in activities involved excessive weight-bearing, such as gymnastics or boxing. 

When you book an appointment with a physio, they will begin the appointment by thoroughly assessing your condition, so they can get a good understanding of the severity of the arthritis in your wrist, so that they can then put together an effective course of treatment, ensuring pain is alleviated and normal functionality is not impaired. 

There are many different treatments they can use to help you get back to your best, including soft tissue massage, strengthening exercises, mobility exercises, electrotherapy, supportive braces, joint mobilization techniques, dry needling and much, much more. 

Research shows that the best way to control joint pain is through exercise, and a professional will provide you with a rehabilitation program you can follow at home, so you know the various exercises to carry out to minimize pain. Self-care is a huge part of minimizing pain when it comes to arthritis – you cannot simply rely on the sessions with the physiotherapist, you need to continue to carry out the techniques at home for ultimate results. This will eradicate pain, strengthen or loosen your joints – depending on what is required, and essentially enhance your everyday function. 

Ankle Arthritis 

To understand this condition you need to know about the makeup of the ankle – you have an ankle joint, and this is formed by the articulation of the talus, fibula and tibia bones, and there is cartilage between these bone ends to ensure painless, smooth movement and efficient shock absorption. Arthritis is a condition whereby the cartilage essentially begins to wear away, and thus you can see how this can be exceptionally painful, as the bones are effectively rubbing against one and other. 

As mentioned, most people who suffer from ankle arthritis do so because of general wear and tear, yet there are incidents when people suffer from this condition because of a specific injury or because the ankle joint has been subject to repetitive forces that it can no longer withstand. Anyone can suffer from ankle arthritis, yet it is more common in people over the ages of 40 years old. 

If you are suffering from arthritis in your ankle, it is likely that you are experiencing pain in your ankle, with other symptoms including stiffness, decreased flexibility, swelling, a locking, clicking or grinding sensation and in some severe cases a limp may occur as well as muscle wasting and even a visible deformity at the ankle joint.

If any of these symptoms sound familiar, you need to book an appointment with a physio as quickly as possible.