Returning to your childhood home can often be a bittersweet experience. Taking steps to safeguard important memories or to preserve important parts of your own past can be very important in the years to come. From scanning old photo albums to tracking down cherished toys, allowing the lost gems of your childhood to slip through the cracks is something you may come to regret.

Scanning Pictures and Memorabilia

Carting around old photo albums can be a real burden, especially for those who move often. Scanning old photos, journals, and even award certificates and other memorabilia can often be a much easier way to preserve the past. A few clicks may be all it takes to keep irreplaceable childhood photos safe in the cloud.

Copying Family Recipes

Preserving memories is about more than just curating belongings. Family recipes represent a living family-history, one that can provide plenty of enjoyment in the days ahead. Putting pen to paper in order to capture the details of your favorite recipes is not an opportunity that should be allowed to pass by. This way, next time you’re craving your favorite childhood dish you can make it yourself. Sharing your childhood and heirloom recipes will be a way to share your culture with your future family.

Auctioning Old Toys and Collectibles

While not every childhood toy may have sentimental value, the right items can still be worth a pretty penny. Online auctions and sales makes it much easier to turn vintage toys into cash. Websites like Wheeljackslab can provide valuable insight and helpful details, especially for people who may be struggling to tell the difference between Optimus Prime and G.I. Joe. Look online to see which toys should be donated and which could help you pay your bills.

Identifying Potential Heirlooms

While carting around too many childhood possessions can quickly become a burden, there is always space for an old toy, trophy or other special memento. Having a potential heirloom sold off during a garage sale or thrown out with the trash can be crushing. Taking time to search for and identify any such gems can often be well worth it during a trip home.

Sharing Children’s Books with Your Own Kids

Beloved children’s books are another great way of making contact with the past. While vintage toys may be little more than a novelty for today’s youth, a good book is timeless. Reliving childhood memories by sharing a cherished picture book or novel with your kids is often an experience to be treasured.

Curating the Past

With a little effort and some creativity, preserving the past can often be an easier undertaking than you might think. Failing to take stock of your childhood toys during a trip home can be a costly misstep, one that you might later come to regret. Sorting through a few old boxes and rediscovering their contents can be very rewarding and can provide you with a chance to re-experience the past while sharing childhood memories with your loved ones.