Planning a Wedding: Tips and Tricks to Help You Save Money

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Planning a wedding is a lot of fun–but it can also be very costly. There are many ways to cut costs and save money when planning a wedding. The best tip to help you save money when planning a wedding is to write everything in writing. This will not only keep you organized, but it will also allow for fewer arguments and disagreements with your partner, the caterer, or any other vendor who may be involved.

If you are considering organizing your wedding, why not follow these simple tips and tricks to help you save money?

Weddings Do Not Have to Be Expensive

Many people spend thousands on their wedding day, but that doesn’t mean that all weddings need to cost this much. Putting together a beautiful celebration on a tight budget is possible with planning and creativity. A piece of cake and some punch will look just as nice as an expensive 3-tiered cake and champagne toast. So read on for helpful tips.

1. Use Coupons and Discounts

Coupons are available for almost anything these days, so why not use them to help reduce the cost of your wedding? Many businesses offer coupons that can be found online or printed directly from their websites. Ask family members, friends, and co-workers if they have any coupons they can give you to use on your special day. Better yet, consider buying Farmgirl Flowers USA coupons and save big. These coupons will not only help you save money, but they will also provide you with an easy way to keep track of your expenditures.

2. Get Married On a Saturday

Going for a midweek wedding is the best way to save money. Weddings conducted on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday tend to be cheaper than those conducted on Saturday and Sunday, for that matter. Try contacting your local church or synagogue and asking about their weekday rates; you might be surprised at how affordable they can be. If you plan on having an evening ceremony, this will also help cut costs since most venues won’t charge overtime fees for events past a certain hour (usually around 10:00 PM).

3. Avoid Alcohol if Possible

The main focus of a wedding reception should be on celebrating your love with loved ones, not getting drunk in a nightclub. If you must serve alcohol at your wedding, try to serve one signature cocktail and offer wine and champagne for those who don’t drink–as well as non-alcoholic beverages. Furthermore, avoid having an open bar: this will cost far too much money. Instead of serving liquor, go for a beer or soda instead. Remember that it’s perfectly fine to have people over for drinks after the reception.

4. Have a Sunday Brunch Reception

In addition to helping keep costs down, having a brunch reception is also a great way to keep things casual. While still offering your guests the delicacies they deserve. Brunch receptions are usually informal affairs in local restaurants or hotels. If you’re having brunch, there is no need for a full sit-down dinner; your guests can order what they want (usually at discounted rates) and eat when they like.

5. Shop Around for Your Photographer

You always think you are getting a good deal when choosing the least expensive photographer available, but this is not always the case. Instead of just picking up the phone and calling whoever has the most affordable rates, do some research instead by looking at their work online. Try to find someone whose pictures have a unique style–otherwise, it may be difficult to stand out from other wedding photos once they are placed in an album. Remember: if you want great shots of your ceremony, you’ll need a professional specializing in candid photography rather than one who takes posed family portraits.

6. Get Creative With Decorating

Instead of using expensive centerpieces, try using candles or flowers from your yard to add a personal touch. If you’re having a large wedding and there will be many people who can’t fit into one space at once, consider renting a second space–and keep the cost down by not having a meal catered to that room. Remember that less is more sometimes–don’t let all the fluff get in the way of what’s important about the day. Also, make sure you get all quotes in writing before work begins.

Remember that the best tip to help you save money when planning a wedding is put everything in writing. This will not only keep you organized but also allow for fewer arguments and disagreements with your partner, the caterer, or any other vendor who may be involved. Follow these helpful hints, and you’ll be on your way to a stress-free wedding that’s still as memorable as ever.

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Written by Daphne Panchak

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