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Rochelle Jaleh is the owner and executive director of Archive Rentals, an Orange County based event designing and rental company. 

She has amassed a team of award-winning event designers to create vivid environments for any occasion, of any size by leveraging their vast collection of event rentals.

Their extensive range of bohemian furniture, decor, table settings, lounge packages and seasonal elements sets this company apart as one of the most unique inventory collections in the industry.

Archive Rentals operates in select markets, specifically California and Riviera Maya (Mexico) to ensure they can deliver on the shared vision cultivated with their clients and partners.

Millennial caught up with Rochelle to learn more about her exquisite taste and the success of her flourishing event design and rental company.

Millennial Magazine- Archive Rentals- Rochelle Jaleh

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Your event designs are exceptional. Where did you develop your style?

Ah thank you for saying that! It is quite the team effort and really depends – sometimes clients’ visions help us develop our style and help us decide where to invest, sometimes interior design trends, and sometimes markets and trade shows.

How did the pandemic affect your business?

The pandemic caused us to shut down two of our four branches, forcing us to make our two current branches (California & Riviera Maya) stronger and more efficient than ever.

During that period, we learned how to better prioritize, exactly what to focus on, and how important each contributor is to the organization.

Millennial Magazine- Archive Rentals- Rochelle Jaleh

©Archive Rentals- Rochelle Jaleh (center) and the Archive Rentals team

You employ a large team of artistic women. What challenges do you face with so many creatives working together? What are the benefits?

All of the design reps have a completely different style so one of the challenges is that we can be delayed in making new inventory decisions because we can’t all agree on which chair, sofa, plate, etc. will be most popular, trend-forward, and timeless.

We are all very respectful of each other’s taste and we love that that is what makes us so unique in the industry. We are like sisters and love to have fun with it.

What is your number one priority as CEO of Archive Rentals?

My most important duty as a CEO is to make sure that we have the right people in the right positions. Whatever it is, I need to make sure with 100% certainty that I have the best person assigned to the right job. That is the ONLY way Archive Rentals is able to serve our customers and our community with such precision.

Millennial Magazine- Archive Rentals- Rochelle Jaleh

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Explain how Archive Rental works with clients to achieve their visions, and what amount of lead time is required to pull it all together?

Pre-covid, we would work with a client for up to a year. Now everything seems very last minute. We try to take the time to collect a client’s Pinterest board and then create a design board for them based on what they like from our inventory and what their event needs are.

How often do you update your inventory, and how do you alter your designs to make each event unique?

Daily! We are constantly updating and purchasing. You would be amazed at how many ways a plate can be styled – a new napkin, a new glassware line, new votives for example can make each event creative and unique to that individual.

How has your social content strategy changed over the years?

We always focused on the grid, the perfect picture posted on the perfect day and the perfect time. Now we are realizing that being authentic and creative with behind-the-scenes content is what we want to show to our followers. It is less pressure in a way and we have a lot more fun with it.

Millennial Magazine- Archive Rentals- Rochelle Jaleh

©Archive Rentals- Rochelle with husband, Ryan and son, Rowan (L) Rochelle and Alexandra Swanson (R)

You’re a mother of two toddlers, a wife and a CEO of a busy company. How do you juggle these roles and still have time for yourself?

Well the truth is that sometimes I feel like I don’t get out of the house unless I just throw on a hat and do my makeup at the stop lights! haha.

Other days, it is about sharing tasks with my husband, leaning on great colleagues and delegating efficiently. The kids are in preschool now so that helps, but the day still flies by and sometimes I have a hard time giving myself quality time.

With that schedule, how do you remain positive on a daily basis?

I have never been a negative person. I am always looking at the glass half full. What are we doing right? There’s always room to improve, but I always want to look at what we are doing right first.

Also, events are live and mistakes happen, so it is really important to stay positive, don’t stress, breathe, and just get it done.

Now that life is getting back to normal, what are your future plans for Archive Rentals?

We are looking for a bigger warehouse to move into so we can double our CA operation by 2024. It is a big goal, but we have the passionate team members to execute on this vision so that we can all grow our careers and our income.

To learn more about Rochelle Jaleh and Archive Rentals visit her website or follow the social channels below.