As a millennial, it’s safe to say that your always looking to supercharge your career. So much more than those before you, thanks to the modern world and the influence of digital. Gone are the days of starting a job in your local town and staying there until you reach retirement age. Of course, this will still be the case for some people, but it’s not the only option you have.

In fact, the world really is your oyster when it comes to career choices. And if you’re ready to start running with yours, you’re going to want to make sure that you have everything you need in place to make that happen. Because a good career path is never going to carve itself. You have to want to work for it. So if you’re ready to supercharge your career options, let’s look at everything from your education to your experience and see how you can make it happen.


First up, we’re going to take a look at some of the educational requirements that you may have to work on. Because when it comes to creating the career of your dreams, you sometimes have to study. Whether you’re in school now, you’re thinking of going back, or you have vocational ideas, here’s what you need to do.

Choose The Right Courses

If you are in college, then you need to make sure that you’re choosing the right courses. Sometimes, you’re not always sure what decisions you need to make in college, and that’s what can be most confusing of all. If you’re not sure, then choose courses that you’re good at, or that you enjoy, as both can help to choose your career path. Otherwise, speak to your guidance counsellor, and they can let you know the courses to take when you want to embark on a certain career path.

Go Back To School

But if you’re not in college and you’re already out in the working world, you may feel as if this isn’t relevant to you. But it could be. Because it may be good for you to think about going back to school. You can often get your master’s in the field that will shape your career, or even help you to progress on in the field that you’re looking to move in to.

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Take A Top Up Course

Sometimes, it may be as simple as getting a vocational qualification. If you want to work with animals, or go into care work, for example, vocational training, or doing an online course could be all you need to get yourself into an entry-level position.

Millennial Magazine- supercharge your career


Next up, you need experience. Whether this is during your schooling years or alongside another job that you’re working. When you want to land that perfect career choice of yours, you have to show that you know what you’re doing, and that you’re worth taking a chance on.


Internships are often your starting point for getting into the career that you want. But at the same time, they can be great for finding your feet too. Sometimes, you’ll do an internship and realize it’s not for you. But most of the time, you can use it to get your foot in the door at a company that you’ve always wanted to work for.

Start At The Bottom

Sometimes, you’re also going to want to start at the bottom and work you way up. Working your way up in a company can be a great way to ensure that you learn the ropes, and make the right connections along the way too. Most people always want to fast-track their careers, and skip the grafting stages, but they can often be the most rewarding of all. So enjoy this part of your career while you can.


And you could always consider volunteering too. Volunteering can often boost your career and give you experience in the right industry or position. If you want to break into a tough industry, volunteer work can not only help you to make the connections, but give you essential experience too.

Millennial Magazine- supercharge your career


Ever heard the saying, it’s not what you know but who you know? Well, more often than not, it’s correct. Knowledge is definitely power, but you can’t beat a bit of good old-fashioned networking when it comes to boosting your career.

Start Early

Networking can often terrify a lot of people. But it doesn’t have to. In fact, it can be a lot of fun. So you’re better off starting as soon as possible. Even if you’re in college now, get yourself started. You may even find that the connections you may in college can be the most valuable of all, as they can open doors for you at the start of the career, and push you forwards later on in life too.

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Put Yourself Out There

To do that, you’re going to need to put yourself out there. It’s easy to be scared, and to tell yourself that you’re not going to be any good at networking. It’s so much harder to actually put yourself out there. But it’s what you need to do if you want to do well. So don’t be afraid to put yourself in tough situations and mix with people that you might normally be to scared to talk too. Good things will start to happen when you do.

Ask For Introductions

A huge part of putting yourself out there is asking for things. And you don’t have to be afraid, because you have nothing to lose. Because if you don’t answer the questions in the first place, the answer is always going to be no. So ask for the introductions that you need, you never know what doors will open when you do.

Side Stuff

Then, you’ve also got the efforts you can make alongside your career. Sometimes, if your dream is to be your own boss, then this is the kind of stuff you can do to see that happen at some point in the future.

Get A Hobby

Whether you realize it or not, your hobbies can often have an impact on your career choice. Sometimes, they’re going to help you to make connections, and sometimes they’ll give you the skills to do well at work. So go after something you’ve always wanted to do. Whether it’s golf or pottery making, take up a new hobby and see just how useful it can be during the course of your career.

Start A Blog

But you could also think about starting a blog too. When you start a blog, it can often directly impact your career. Whether you use it as a stepping stone into a job, or learn skills that you can apply at work, having a blog can often look really great on your resume and show off your skills to potential employers too.

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Continue Your Extracurriculars

But don’t forget about your extracurriculars either. When you leave college, it’s easy to put them behind you. But you never know what your passions could do for your career. So whether you’re a dancer or a baseball player, keep up the work you’re doing. It could create an interesting conversation at an interview, or you could make a great contact when you’re attending your new practice session. And what could be cooler than that?

Added Extras To Supercharge Your Career

These are the kinds of things that can really help your resume stand out and set you apart from other candidates, especially if your education and experience is pretty perfect already.

Get Certified

First of all, you should definitely look at getting certified in CPR. You can easily search for CPR classes near me to do this too. A lot of employers are going to want people that stand out. And when you’ve got the same resume as the other guys going out for the job, but you’re CPR trained, guess who stands out the most? It’s also a handy skill to have in life too, so look into getting yourself certified.

Get Your License

If you don’t drive, you might want to think about changing that sometime soon. Not every employer is going to care if you can drive or not, but a lot of them will. For starters, if you have to drive to work, they’ll know you’ll always be in. Or you may be required to take clients out, or even travel between offices. And to do that, you’re going to need your license and a car. So get it sorted as soon as you can.

Learn A Language

Finally, you could also consider learning a language. The world is becoming so diverse, and if you never really took it seriously in school, now could be the time to do it. There are lots of career benefits of learning a foreign language. And if you want to travel with work, it can give you an edge over other employees or applicants too.