Bathrooms are an underrated part of the home, most people look to decorating their kitchen, or living rooms, and miss out the bathroom. There is so much potential, in so many bathrooms, if only people would take the time to look about and plan what they want. Here are some ideas for decorating your bathroom, from the basic, to the luxurious. There is something here to suit everyone’s needs and style. Take your time to plan and think about the design and effect you want your bathroom to have. A well thought out design, with each component considered, is  much better than something quick with less time and consideration given to it.


These are a great way to give your bathroom an air of sophistication. As well these vanities are great places to store towels, shampoos and soaps, and can declutter your bathroom. They are also available in antique styles of you have a period home and what to get furniture to accentuate this style.

Obscured glass Or Vinyl Film

Almost every bathroom has obscured glass, so why not make a statement of it? Obscured glass can come in all kinds of colors and designs, and can add an interesting touch to your bathroom. There are so many beautiful design, like dragonflies, which can also be a subtler statements than colored glass.

A less expensive, or more convenient option than replacing your whole window, can be vinyl film. This can come in many patterns and style and can easily be applied yourself. Your simply cut it to the right shape then apply it, make sure it’s lined up straight!

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Making Your Bathroom Appear Bigger

Many bathrooms are small so thinking about maximizing this space through the design, or at least it appears this way to the eye, is a popular design choice for many people. Using the same design on both the walls and the floor makes your bathroom seems bigger. Tiling your floor with the same material also simplifies the design process too. If your walls are tiled, this makes it better functioning, as condensation is easily removed, and mold is a lot less likely to grow.

The Potential of Stacking

Buying furniture that has the potential to stack lots of things, is a great space saver. Not only does this save your shampoos and lotions being all over the bathroom, but it draws the eye upwards and creates a more visually interesting space.

Utilizing Shelves

If you feel furniture is cluttering the space you want to keep clear, shelving might be a good solution for you. Shelves can come in so many shapes and sizes, from thick to thin, straight or across corners or even zigzagging. This can be a great solution for many bathrooms.

The Joy Of Decorating Your Bathroom

Redecorating and redesigning your bathroom can be a really fun and interesting experience. There are so many styles and designs to suit every space, and every space. Whether you want a sleek and modern bathroom, one with period features, or to invite the ocean into your home, there are ideas here for everyone.