The year 2020 is unfortunately known for all the wrong reasons. As the global pandemic made life miserable for people from every walk of life. We lost thousands of precious lives, and the modern global world came to an unusual standstill. However, people are moving into the new year with more hopes and ambitions. The interrupted tourism sector also seeks its revival, as Governments are slowly lifting up their traveling bans, and easing off the strict social distancing measures.

Nonetheless, the threat posed by the contagious virus still hovers around our heads, and we have to ensure maximum precautionary measures to move on with the normal life. The past year has also adversely influenced the psychological well-being of individuals. Therefore, vacations with friends or families, in a safe and secure environment can prove to be a significant mental health boost. People have different preferences for vacations, but mountains are generally considered to be an adventurous natural getaway by many people. The closure to nature and the hiking experience does not only induce positivity but also gives one a once in a lifetime experience.

Hiking – A Mesmerizing Experience

Hiking is widely considered as a remedy for emotional and physical health. It does not only lower the risk of heart attack, and varying blood pressure but also provides a clear state of mind. The vacations of 2021 are truly suited for an adventurous yet soulful hiking experience. There are tonnes of mountainous peaks that can be explored from tourists. However, the Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania is surely one to look out for. The largest freestanding mountain, at 5,895 meters, It is one of the seven summits and also the highest volcano outside South America.

Furthermore, the unimaginable scenic beauty of this region surely surprises the tourists. The tourists also experience five different ecosystems during their hike, including a tropical rainforest, wildlife, and a snowy peak. The hike up the mountain has six different routes, distinctive in their features. While planning a trip to this beautiful region, it is essential to look out for a suitable Kilimanjaro hiking company. These tour guiding companies take you through the entire planning process of the hike, and also ensure your safety throughout the hike.

Tour Guide to the Highest African Mountain

The hike through the Mount Kilimanjaro is relatively simpler, however, varying temperatures and surrounding environments ask for a comprehensive planning strategy. The temperature in the region may vary from 20 degree Celsius to even -15 degrees. Similarly, the oxygen levels may also vary because of the high altitude. This is why tourists have to go through a series of medical tests to get a go ahead for the hike.

The trekking gear has to be equipped with essential items like sunscreen, trekking pants, short and long sleeve shirts, jackets, trousers, woolen socks, hiking joggers, personal medical supplies and protein bars. Tour guides also take care of the meals and first-aid emergencies throughout the hike. Different tour guiding companies present different Climb Kilimanjaro cost for different routes, hence, it is up to the tourists to opt for a more suitable guide. Acquiring the services of tour guides is not only a legal obligation, but also a wise personal decision.