The desire to travel to Paris is strong for many people, but travel in general, and especially international travel, can be exceedingly expensive. It is still possible, however, to do some international traveling even when you are low on funds. Consider these four tips to start traveling around the world on a budget.

Visit Paris in the off Season

Most places, like Paris, around the world have peak seasons and non-peak seasons for tourists. Logically, prices on everything from attractions to airfare are more expensive during the popular seasons and generally cheaper during the off season. When the peak and non-peak seasons are in each country will vary depending on where you are going, so it will be up to you to do your own research depending on where you want to go. Traveling during a non-peak season is a great opportunity for you to travel on a budget! Non-peak seasons are the opportune time to start traveling the world.

Book Early and Plan Ahead

Planning your trip well in advance also gives you advantages. Prices for both airfare and hotels are usually cheaper the earlier you put in your reservation. It pays to plan ahead! In some cases the opposite might be true. If you plan ahead you can watch for deals, especially if you have a flexible schedule. If you plan ahead of time then you can watch for deals and snag unfilled seats at bargain prices. Planning ahead allows you to be aware of all travel deals for the place you want to go. If you pay attention you can take advantage of either early deals or last minute opportunities.

Choose Cheap Places to Go

For most places, you can look up in advance how expensive admission is before you decide to add it to your itinerary. There are plenty of free or low cost attractions, even in popular tourist destinations. Make sure that you are take advantage of local passes.

Cities, such as Rome and Paris, will often offer passes that get you into many of the major attractions for a single, lower price. Some even let you skip lines and get right in, making this an even sweeter deal. If you go to a lot of outdoor attractions, be sure to have suitable clothing, like those offered by Over Under Clothing. You don’t want to have to cut a visit short because you are under prepared.

Teach English

This option will actually pay YOU to travel, and you usually only need a TESL certificate to do it. Some of the most desirable countries for teaching English abroad are not destinations you might have otherwise considered. For example, some of the best job markets for teaching English abroad in 2018 include Vietnam, Cambodia, and Nicaragua. In these countries, it is easier to secure a position, they offer high pay, cost of living is very affordable, and the cultural experiences will be amazing.

Traveling abroad is a hefty financial investment, but there are ways to lessen that burden if you are willing to put in the work. Make sure to plan ahead and consider alternative options to find the cheapest option when traveling abroad. If you do this, you can likely take your trip for a fraction of the cost.