Shawn McClure Recycles Vinyl Artwork with Skylinyl

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Skylinyl was created 3 years ago by Seattleite Shawn McClure, a studio drummer and singer-songwriter during a visit to Sydney, Australia. One day he came across a crate of records headed for the dump. Not wanting to see these precious records thrown in the trash, Shawn took them back to his residence and sorted through them in the backyard.

On that particular day, the temperature outside reached a record-breaking 113 degrees fahrenheit. Later, when Shawn saw the heat advisory, he realized that he’d left the records outside and returned to find them melting over the sides of the table he placed them on – much like the famous Dali “Persistence of Memory” painting.

What was the catalyst that created Skylinyl?

The moment I saw those melted records reminiscent of abstract art, I became inspired to create art of my own: a Sydney skyline to memorialize my trip overseas. After a few chops of a kitchen knife, Skylinyl was born.

Describe your breakthrough moment when you knew Skylinyl was going to be a success.

After my return to Seattle and proudly mounted my new work of art on the wall of my home, a friend inquired about getting one made of the Seattle skyline. I gladly made the piece and the customer loved it so much, that he requested 10 more! I knew right then that I was onto something.

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Explain your design process and how does someone go about buying a Skylinyl piece?

I’ve created hundreds of designs over the years, and hand cut 3,000+ records sent all over the globe. During the Skylinyl Kickstarter campaign, 100+ favorite designs will be available to choose from. I meticulously create each design to best suit its vinyl canvas. Each design is chosen for its tie to music or inspiring views that create a memorable, lasting impression on the viewer.

What has been your favorite experience along this journey?

My favorite experience has always been seeing the recipient’s face when they receive their favorite design or image carved forever into a beloved new medium.

My favorite moment in the whole Skylinyl process happens each and every time I deliver a piece to an ecstatic customer, who sees their favorite image come to life on a repurposed vinyl record.

What are your plans for expansion in 2017 and how can MiLLENNiAL readers help you get there?

My team and I are creating a community of music lovers and art fans who are inspired by innovative art that supports sustainable lifestyle choices. By choosing to support Skylinyl on Kickstarter, you are not only expressing your love and appreciation for vinyl as a cherished medium but you are doing something good for the earth salvaging material from harming the environment. We believe you have a choice with your purchases to support brands that do good, and we’re committed to that mission – and would be honored to be a brand that millennials and readers of MiLLENNiAL Magazine choose to support.

Learn more about Shawn McClure and Skylinyl by following him on Facebook and Instagram.

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