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ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) is a set of practices directed at integration of IT services with business procedures. They involve processes and checklists that an organization can apply by fusing its strategies with IT Service Management (ITSM). They are basically directed at checking an organization’s compliance with best practices and for marking improvement. The overall goal of ITIL is to meet customer’s needs by conforming to clearly laid down processes and procedures, while focusing on the need for continuous improvement. ITIL has gone through a number of revisions and currently consists of five books. These books are Service Strategy, Service Design, Service Transition, Service Operation and Continual Service Improvement.

ITIL certificationsare designed for candidates who are able to demonstrate their understanding of the laid down practices and procedures and are ready to apply them in meeting their customers’ needs.

These certifications consist of the following five levels:

  • Foundation: Covers concepts and terms used in ITIL service cycle as well as how it links to the procedures andprocesses in achieving the best service management practices. To obtain this certification, a candidate is required tosit for and pass a 40 multiple-choice question exam that will earn them 2 credits.
  • Practitioner: Earns the candidate 3 credits. Foundation level certification is a prerequisite. A candidate at this level will be able to understand the ITIL framework and how to use it to achieve the goals of a business or organization.
  • Intermediate: The candidate earns 15 or 16 credits. It covers the Service Lifecycle and Service Capability. One is required to have passed the foundation level exam and taken an accreditation course.
  • Expert: A candidate is required to have passed the foundation level exams and the MALC (Managing Across the Life Cycle) exams. The MALC exams are taken just after the Intermediate level and earn a candidate 5 credits making a total of 17 credits from the foundation level to this far.
  • Master Level: The Expert level certification is a prerequisite. At this level, a candidate should be able to explain their understanding of various service management principles and techniques and how they can be applied in a practical environment scenario.

Why are ITIL certifications so popular?

ITIL provides a framework targeted at having effective IT Service Management(ITSM).Organizations understand the importance of having employees who know the most important processes and best practices that they can make use of to help them deliver the best quality to their customers as well as achieve continuous improvement. ITIL certified employees and individuals apply this knowledge to meet customer’s satisfaction. When customers are satisfied with any business services, they are bound to remain very loyal, thereby promoting business growth. Business growth is the main goal of any business or organization because it is a good measure of how deep their adoption of the best practices and procedures is. These certifications are and will continue to be popular. 

Importance of ITIL certifications to IT specialists and professionals

ITIL integrates IT management services with the needs of business. IT professionals are the ones who are tasked with providing both the hardware and software solutions to business. ITIL’s approach is to align these IT services to the business needs with the understanding that any business IT needs is beyond its hardware and software aspects. ITIL knowledge and skills will enable these individuals to fuse the physical IT needs of a business enterprise with the laid down processes and procedures. Fusing these two aspects together will result in effectiveness and cutting down the business running costs.

Why you should become ITIL certified

  • Useful in-demand skills

The process of achieving ITIL credentials is very intensive. The learners go through all the training required to pass their exams. The five levels of certifications prove the step by step procedures used in awarding certifications. At the end of each level, a candidate will have gained relevant knowledge and skills in providing IT solution needs of a business or organization.

  • Attractive pay package

ITIL certified specialists are some of the highest paid IT professionals. You can earn an average of up to $109,003 per year.

  • Variety of job roles to choose from

ITIL course and exams prepare individuals who are qualified in many areas. Once you get the certification, you will have the freedom to choose the area that you wish to specialise in. An expert certified by ITIL can choose from a number of job roles such as Entry Level Solutions Engineer, Program Manager-IT, Business Analyst, Service Delivery Manager, and many more.

ITIL has guidelines for each certification. A learner must pass all the exams required in each level. To pass these exams, a candidate can opt to buy a training course or study privately. However, from intermediate level onwards, a candidate must purchase a course from the ITIL Accredited Training Organizations. Studying and taking practice exams will prepare you to pass your exams. To receive any ITIL certification you are required to pass the relevant level exam and earn the required credits.

Training courses for ITIL

  • ITIL certification courses are available through any of the ITIL Accredited Training Organizations (ATO).

Tips for passing ITIL certification exams

  • Pay for training

You have an option of finding study materials that will help you study on your own. However, having a trainer who can work you through the studying process would be more useful. The best variant is to find a trainer who will help you prepare for your exams. Courses are available online, through distance learning or a traditional classroom setup. ITIL offers training through any of their Accredited Training Organizations and you can find them depending on your location.

  • Practice Tests and exams

Practice tests will help you to know your level of preparedness for the main exam. You can find these resources online either for free or at a fee.

  • Join ITIL Community forum

ITIL online forum is a meeting place for both ITIL professionals and students. People share their experiences and even resources that you would require to study for and pass your exams.

Are ITIL dumps exam helpful?

Yes. Exam dumps are useful. They will help you to know what to expect in your exams. Using these online resources during your preparation will help you gauge yourself on your readiness for the exam. They are mostly free and available online for downloads. Use them along with your study guides.

Top web resources for ITIL exam preparation

  • ITIL Foundation Exam Tips
  • ITIL Practitioner Guidance Book
  • ITIL Intermediate Training Navigator
  • ITIL v3 Certification Practice Paper
  • ITIL Practitioner 9 Guiding Principles
  • Passing Your ITIL MALC Exam Book

ITIL knowledge and skills enable an organization to identify areas that need improvement and then take measures that lead to the achievement of the same. Continuous improvement means increased productivity and delivering the kind of value that meets the organization and customers’ needs. ITIL certified specialists are in great demand, as the ultimate result would be reduction in costs, customers’ satisfaction and growth of business.

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