Making New Year’s resolution is a very long tradition, and most of us start the year with good intentions about changing our lives for the better, which usually includes improving our career goals, but how often do we actually stick to them? Well, according to U.S. News, about 80 percent of New Year’s resolutions fail by the middle of February. Does this mean you should give up the fight and stop setting goals for yourself? Of course not. Even though the odds are against you, there are some goals you will be able to keep, if you truly want to. So, here are some new year – new you objectives to set in front of you.

I will be less stressed out

According to the American Institute of Stress, job-related stress is the major source of stress for adults, and while there are many factors contributing to that stress you can’t affect, you can find a better way to cope with it. Discover where most of your workplace stress is coming from: if your boss is giving you a hard time or your colleagues are unpleasant, try to solve it with conversation; if your stress is mostly self-induced, find a mean of relaxation. You can cope with stressful situations by meditating, deep breathing exercises and improving your sleep quality.

I will be more organized

Another thing that often leads to stress is poor organization, which often causes a lack of focus and productivity as well. Being better at organizing your time, tasks and stuff is not that hard at all. Start with the little things, such as cleaning up your desktop and tidying your calendar. Move on to keeping your office space clean and free of clutter. Soon enough, you will be able to keep better track of your chores and have more free time.

I will mingle more

Have you ever heard the saying “It’s not what you know. It’s who you know”? Well, in today’s power-hungry corporate jungle, this is more accurate than ever. If you want to have a chance for a raise or a new and better job, you need to tweak your networking approach. Try to get to more professional events where you will meet people who are successful representatives of your branch. Also, you should be more active on LinkedIn.

I will get a new degree/certification

People who don’t learn, stagnate, and you don’t want that. A new certificate or a degree will not only make your resume more appealing to employers, it will boost your knowledge and open new doors for you. For example, if you have passed the Undergraduate Medicine and Health Sciences Admission Test (UMAT) and gained entry into health science courses, you can decide to take the GAMSAT and gain admission into a graduate program as a new step in your medical career.

The same goes for other careers. Or you can take an entirely different road and gain a certificate that is completely different from your current field of work. With reputable online resources, you can earn degrees such as an mba in strategy online without the need to enter a physical lecture hall, making it a relatively easier option.

I will improve my workplace relationships

It’s not always possible to get along with everyone you work with, and sometimes it’s really close to impossible. However, healthy work relationships are the foundation for a successful career and also for good mental health. The key to everything is communication, so try to solve all the frictions you have with your co-workers or boss, at least to the point where you could function normally without disrupting each other’s productivity.

I will update my resume

So, you’ve been at this job for a couple of years now, and the last time you’ve sent a resume was when you applied for your current position. Even if you are not thinking about changing your job, keeping your resume the same for years is a foolish move. Update everything that needs changing, ranging from the basic info (e.g. address) to the style of the resume. Also, don’t neglect your LinkedIn profile, and besides the usual updates, get a new professional photo for your account.

Career Goals Boost Success

We’re all looking to move up in life, but that is not going to happen unless you make it happen. That’s why making New Year’s career resolutions and sticking to them is the smartest move you can make.