Breathtaking views combined with the thrill of skiing on fresh powder make Whistler one of the best ski destinations in the world. Whistler boasts two massive mountains, breathtaking scenery, tons of snow, Olympic heritage, long snow trails, winter activities, epic terrain and easy accessibility. It provides a long list of adventure activities for outdoor lovers in all seasons.

More than just the beautiful landscape, Whistler is home to several best resorts and rentals that draws travelers from all over the world. However, vacation rentals in Whistler are often cheaper than hotels and offer services that hotels cannot.

Additionally, it is easier to plan a trip with family and stay in one house instead of arranging accommodation in multiple hotels. If you are planning to visit Whistler, here are a few things you need to be aware of.

Surprise! Not One, But There Are Two Mountains

There are two peaks in Whistler. Before joining in 1997, Whistler and Blackcomb were two independent ski areas. After the merger, the combined area increased to more than 8,000 acres of skiable terrain. Now, Whistler Blackcomb Ski Area is considered one of the largest ski areas in the world. The Peak2Peak gondola, which connects two peaks, also sets a record as the longest continuous lift system in the world.

Apres Is The Key Place

Heard of the song Apres Everything by Mark Barrott? It fits perfectly with the vibe at Whistler. Aprรจs-skiing is an important part of skiing in Whistler. By late afternoon, the village is filled with restaurants, pubs and cafรฉs serving local delicacies. Most places are just down the mountain, and you can enjoy a relaxed and casual atmosphere.

Be Prepared To Walk

The main town section of Whistler is a no-drive zone at the base of Whistler Mountain. That means you can’t drive a car here or take a taxi. Instead, enjoy the scenic beauty by simply walking on the slopes to enjoy the local culture, shops, stores, gift shops, and restaurants. If you have traveled by car, you can leave your vehicle at the many designated parking spaces before entering the main town.

Spread The Love With Tipping Well

Tipping is common in North America and thus Whistler. Generally, the recommended tip range in Canada is 15-20% unless the service is below average.

Easy Access

Whistler can be reached conveniently by bus or flight. The Sea to Sky Highway takes less than two hours to travel along, and several bus companies offer daily service between the two locations. You get 2 major international airports, one in Vancouver and the other in Seattle. Seattle is located less than three hours south of Vancouver.

Elite Dining

Whistler has a relaxed aprรจs-ski culture and offers many excellent restaurants. Much of the cuisine relies heavily on meat and fish, focusing on local and sustainable ingredients. Whistler char, generally roasted or grilled with various vegetables, is one of the region’s most famous and exquisite fish meals. We bet you shouldn’t miss out on the char.

Hosts Several Winter Sports Activities

There is much more to do in Whistler than just skiing and snowboarding. Sightseeing, snowmobiling, Winter zipline excursions, Scandinave Spa, Yoga, snowshoeing, and tubing are all available on the mountain.ย 

Be Prepared To Spend Good Money

You shouldn’t be in the notion that Whistler is cheap skiing. Food is also costly in Whistler. Infact, Whistler is one of the most costly ski places in Canada. A week’s trip to Whistler typically costs around CA$1000 per person.

Whistler is breathtaking, and it’s time you plan a visit to the place. Happy Planning!